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Farm Assist,  Technical Services Providers

The Farm AV just took and thing and made it MORE.   We have added one more product to our already magical suite of Audio Video goodness…We are proud to present, FarmAssist.

The Farm now offers end to end AV Control and Audio DSP programming services. So,   you do what you do best.   You Sell, You design. You Build.  You Get paid.

We do the stuff in between.   We are like the barbecue sauce in your AV Hoagie.

The Farm AV is certified and experienced with CONTRACTUAL obligations to our factories to do a the work RIGHT.  We ARE the factory…but we are you too. We live in your towns. We are not getting on a plane…doing it on a remote computer somewhere.  We can get in a car and be there TODAY. Not in a week. Not in a month. NOW

Your current Farm rep will come train and commission for your jobs,  utilizing our own team of inside skilled programmers to get the job done.  And we have access to the factory support like none other. There is no “I sent an email” or ‘I was on hold all day”.  We ARE the manufacturers and we get the job done…on time the first time.

We have a suite of Control,  DSP, Video Distribution, and  Collaboration Products that spans every competency in the AV Business….

All we ask is that you use OUR stuff, have a pretty clear scope of work (which we will help you create),  and be willing to pay our very modest fees.

So tell us what you need.   Nothing is too small. Let us put together a quote for you.