Blog Please Don’t Britney Spears Our AV Manufacturers

Our appetite for negative information must be growing. That can be the only explanation for what shows up in my newsfeed every day. It’s nearly comical. Even my sports news is biased... Read More

Blog Marketing to Blend-Users

Many many years ago there were magical people known as “experts.” These folks had specific knowledge that was difficult to acquire. They knew things that others... Read More

Blog Virtual Events Are Dead – Long Live Virtual Events

“I hate this virtual stuff” – A line I hear, often slightly salty, from events professionals, both in management and in the trenches. “Why are we still doing this Zoom stuff?” The... Read More

Blog Is This Position Remote? Because I’m in Jail…

It’s been raining for a week where I live. It has been raining. It has been around the holidays and I have been in jail. I’ve been incarcerated and have only been let into gen-pop in the... Read More

Blog The Farm Resolutions, 2023 Edition

This time we mean it. No messing around here. These are legal and binding New Year’s Resolutions and they will be upheld, executed, and adjudicated to the full extent of the... Read More

Blog 2020—Hold My Beer.

Time flies when you are getting kicked in the junk. When we were locked down, drinking to-go cocktails out of mason jars and looking at cardboard cutouts in baseball stadiums, time seemed... Read More

Blog Merry CRMstmas from The Farm

It is that time of year. Everyone has made their lists and is eagerly awaiting that amazing evening. Jolly Old St. Benioff is checking to see if you’ve been naughty or nice.   ... Read More

Blog Balls!

Have you ever wondered why the end of a microphone is ball-shaped? Probably not. But I am going to tell you anyway. I have literally NEVER been asked, “Why are there balls on my mics?” I... Read More

Blog Why We Grow

I suspect a lot of what I am about to tell you applies to the company you work for or own. Ambition is important but is rarely the primary driver of growth. I bet the owner of your company is... Read More

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