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Farm Fresh June, 2019

We are officially in to meat of this season. As we continue to construct a winning record, we have made some changes to our power hitters and shed some weight in the process. Looking forward to continuing our winning streak this month! This issue also includes maps and links to Read more…

Farm Fresh May, 2019

This Month’s Newsletter is full of Farm Fresh Goodness. News from QSC, Shure, and Philips are highlited in this issue. PLUS…we have a NEW section called the Farm’s Fowl Poll… take a read and learn something… and laugh a little too!

Farm Fresh April, 2019

Farm Fresh April, 2019 A very special edition of Farm Fresh this month. New faces in the clubhouse adding power to our roster. Our fearless leader changes your way of thinking when you step to the plate. How you can make extra $ on your home-run trot. AND of course, Read more…

Farm Fresh January 2019

Farm Fresh January, 2019 A new year for The Farm and a new look to our newsletter, Farm Fresh. We still have all of the news… all of it. And it’s the best news. Look for the Fun Fact “easter eggs” and learn something along the way.