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Why just read about it or look at pictures of it when faced with giant decisions for your clients? All the words and all the images and all the video clips don’t ever tell the entire story. 

If you can’t decide which AV over IP device to use,  or which audio dsp will work best for you job,  maybe you can go to a trade show and see them all?  Well,  we have ONE a year now in our industry.  One. a single show.

Or maybe you go to one of the dozens of local association events to see a bunch of stuff thrown on a 6 foot table that may or may not be actually hooked up and working… you go to the Ride Share Aerobics for Higher Learning show.  Or the National Bacon Advisory Council Technology Expo…

Or,  you just call The Farm.   The Farm will show up and for you,  your customers,  your event,  create a working system example for your project… and get you CE credits while we do it.

The Farm has certified training for the brands we represent.   You get the demo.  You get the NUANCE…and find out about the “gotchas” before you are at the client with your screwdriver in one hand,  laptop in the other hand, and cell phone in the other hand.

We offer professional presentation services for you,  your customer,  your community on YOUR schedule.   The Farm keeps an entire event’s worth of demo inventory in stock….and can show up and do a CERTIFIED presentation on the spot.   With eight trained outside representatives,  and a technical Farm Assist team,  we know how to screw it in, plug it in, program it,  and add the context it takes to make the right call….and we call it Farm to Function.