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Farm Assist,  Technical Services Providers

The Farm AV just took a thing and made it MORE.   The Farm offers technical assistance, DSP and control programming, as well as on-site commissioning services.

Technical support is free, and always will be to our valued customers, but if third-party commissioning is needed, or complete DSP and control design and deployment, The Farm offers a staff of highly trained and skilled technicians, ready to do the work remote or on-site.

The Farm is your manufacturers’ representative, so we have to do the job right, the first time. We are the factory. On-time completion, happy end users, and a strong bottom line all result in more sales, so that is our job.

We are highly trained in the operation in the brands we represent, and in many cases, we are the trainers. So if you don’t have time, are stretched too thin, or want to take on a project that might be a little more complicated than your daily stack, ask us for a quote.