End-to-end Expertise in Enterprise AV.

Meeting the demands of enterprise AV requires ready resources, across-the-board expertise, and a culture rooted in service. For those charged with developing and maintaining business-critical AV systems, we’re your force multiplier – adding to your strengths and filling in the gaps. From quoting and procuring, to engineering, programming, commissioning and training, The Farm serves those who serve enterprise AV.

Acknowledged expert.
Indispensable ally.

Our team includes manufacturers sales representatives, technical service providers, and regional training and education experts – all focused on meeting the needs of enterprise AV. That makes us more than AV advisers, we’re AV doers who ensure manufacturers’ products and integrator solutions are optimally deployed in the most demanding environments. And here’s what’s really amazing: We’re cost-effective because the work we do is underwritten by the manufacturers whose products we help sell and support.


Make The Farmhouse your house! We built it just for you! And your customers. And THEIR customers.

We will not let you fail.

Our clients will tell you, The Farm is an ideal partner – because cultivating your success is the only measure of our success.

Everything we know, we’ll share with you.

From conceptual engineering to application and software development. From training and certifications to commissioning/program development and ongoing technical support. Our FarmAssist team is here to serve.

We’re AV know-it-alls. And we do it all, too.

Count on us for answers to your most pressing technical and logistical questions – but don’t stop there. Turn us loose to actually solve the challenges you face. The Farm has the resources to execute on our advice.

We are independent, objective and brand-agnostic.

While our insider status as manufacturer representatives gives us unparalleled product knowledge, integrators know our recommendations are unbiased because we’re 100% focused on meeting our customers’ unique needs.

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The experts at The Farm take the time to engage with us, as the integrator, on a person-to-person basis. The technology speaks for itself, and what I really appreciate is the personal attention with a phone call, site visit, and quick access to the person. Thank you TFAV for having the PEOPLE POWER to support the integrator.
Darren Lee GST


Jesse Richmond, Thanks for all the help out here. As always you guys proved yourselves to be true pros. It’s great to have a partner that we can count on when we are in a pinch.
Kris Heising Cal Coast Telecom


Not that you already didn’t know this, but Aaron is incredible at what he does. Not only is he a top tier programmer, but he a force that drives every aspect of a project to completion. If he doesn’t know the answer to something, he uses every contact he has with manufacturers to get it solved. I’ve worked with my fair share of programmers, and Aaron is by far the best and easiest one I have every had the pleasure to work with. Just thought I should say it.
Alan Krimmer Young Electric, AV Project Manager


In the last 8 years, the Farm has helped us grow our business significantly. Responsive, knowledgeable and committed: they are a great partner!
Matt Vierra Pacific Coast AV


The TTS plugin worked FLAWLESSLY at ISE! People loved it! It was so awesome to be able to showcase something that people didn’t know was possible. Thank you so much for your support and for allowing us to use the plugin!
Emily Eicher Ecosystem Product Manager