Blog Adapt or Die. (Well, Hear Us Out).

EAW is back. The legendary brand from the 80s and 90s is back, and back with some seriously killer-sounding speakers. I spoke with EAW President, TJ Smith, and they’re coming out of COVID with some... Read More

Blog Is My Head Big Enough?

EquityI googled “equity.” It wasn’t the first time. I have been googling “equity” for years.   Maybe I am hoping to find a new definition. Maybe I am looking for some deeper... Read More

Blog My Friend Jim

I was a dog food palletizer. I was good at it. Stacked up dog food on the pallets and wrapped it up in shrink wrap. Put the heavy stuff on the bottom, light on the top.    Once in a... Read More

Blog Visionary is Pretty Cool

And not just cool because they dress super hip, but because they actually have AV-over-IP products in stock. And it works. And it’s designed and built by real people in Santa Barbara, CA who are... Read More

Blog Audio-Technica Homecoming

Many of my readers have asked, “John, why did you leave your lucrative career in dog food palatalizing for a job in audio/video?” I know it seems crazy, but I made the leap from stacking... Read More

Blog CRM Kibble

Eating one’s own dog food, or “dogfooding” is pretty common. It is so common that I had to Wikipedia it this morning to make sure I knew what it meant. Turns out, I am one heck of a... Read More

Blog Mommy and Daddy Still Love Each Other

When I sign a contract with a supplier it’s a marriage. We’ve generally known each other for a very long time. We run into one another at parties and events. Then there is that spark. It... Read More

Blog Lemon Squeezy

While meeting with an integrator the other day, we were talking about an upcoming project at a medium-sized business. They needed a hybrid system for a tech company’s all-hands space that also... Read More

Blog On This Day

It is arduous to find something to write about that doesn’t make me mad. Everything on the news, every email from a factory, any text message from Southwest Airlines about my flight –... Read More

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