Farmificial Intelligence

March 20, 2024

Everyone has been asking. I guess it is one of the worst kept secrets in the industry. We at The Farm have been developing new tools to serve our channel partners. We have done plugins for Q-SYS. We created our own price list management tool. Finally, the technology has caught up to our vision for the channel. Between some aggressive animal-husbandry and our scientist/physicists on the FarmAssist team, we bring you the first ever Artificial Farm Animal Intelligence Audio Video Control System.

It is quite simple. We all used this technology as young children. It has been part of the fabric of America. Now, using the power of Lua combined with the abundance of alfalfa and feed-corn, we present to you this future AV mainstay.  

First, imagine yourself as an executive of some fancy fortune 1000 company. You rarely start your own meetings. But today it is private, and you don’t want others in the room. So, you approach the touch panel hoping it works as the AV team promised.

This is where FI takes over (Farmificial Intelligence). We have harvested both the power of Bovine and Equine technology to create an operating system of unparalleled simplicity. How many stomachs does traditional AV have? I can tell you. Just one. With up to 4X the digestion power, our system performance cannot even be described using historical specification and measurement methods. It is something new made of something old and pure – operated the way we learned in our earliest years of learning.

This is not just for executive boardrooms, but a change in the way we do AV in education, healthcare. Domestication of these majestic creatures was just the start. The FarmAssist team has finally taken, what began over 10,000 years ago by early humans, to its logical conclusion: an audio video and control system of unlimited capabilities. Limited only by your imagination and evolution.

We offer only a limited set of commands, but driven by unique generative animation, you will select icons presented to you in a logical order that is sensed by your presence. Our system knows what needs to happen next. You simply choose the time it happens with a single touch of a button.

As you approach the touch panel, you are presented with a unique icon. Possibly a cow. You press it, and from seemingly nowhere, an announcement is made. “The cow goes ‘MOO’.” Both expected, yet unexpected in their simplicity. On the touch panel now appears a sheep. A single click results in “‘The sheep says ‘BAHHH'”.

This goes on until the user is satisfied with the performance of the system and retires to have their garments changed (by others) due to a lack of training on other systems. In this case, potty-training.

We may be part of a global network of technology suppliers now, but that does not mean we will not be pushing the envelope of AV innovation. The Farm is here to change the game, change a diaper, and make “the PIG SAY ‘OINK'”.