Fun Fact or Fiction?

December 27, 2023

As we all know, it’s become difficult to find accurate information these days. Where do you go for the real truth? Who can be trusted? Is there an outlet to find honest facts that might be difficult to read, but need to be said? And as a bonus, are these facts enjoyable?

You already know the answer. It’s the Farm. It’s our Fun Facts. Take a minute to review this years hard-hitting journalism from people who may or may not take things seriously…

Fun Fact #739
Brad Hills is creating a series of talking Advent Calendars that provide uplifting daily messages such as, “tomorrow will be worse” and “she’s not going to call.”

Fun Fact #351
Next time you wonder if your local mall Santa is Skip Godwin, it’s not.

Fun Fact #554
The Farm’s Matthew Jensen dressed as a sexy vape pen for Halloween, then stood on a busy neighborhood street corner. He was arrested on multiple charges. 

Fun Fact #87
The weather is turning in the Mountain West again so it’s that time of year when The Farm’s Don Heisler wears TWO short sleeve shirts instead of one.

Fun Fact #884
Kim Naves hates it so much when people touch her cat that she named it “Rabies”.

Fun Fact #57
During his interview with The Farm, Chris Lambert said “I could be a Swiftie” no less than 6 times.

Fun Fact #959
The Farm’s first fantasy football league will lead to the worst trash-talking spectacle in history, as seen by the initial “Yer footballery is dum” text.

Fun Fact #333
The Farm’s Steve Kawasaki has made a name for himself in our industry over the years but is just as well known for his weekly podcast, “Let’s Talk Gravy”, where he reviews breakfast gravy’s and other thick sauces.

Fun Fact #732
If you ask for a “George Seruset” at a restaurant, prepare to be served a garden salad with sausage gravy dressing.

Fun Fact #200
Don Heisler does not cut his toe nails in the kitchen.

Fun Fact #606
No Farmer lost a finger over the July 4th weekend. That said, please let us know if you find Dana Moody.

Fun Fact #795
Upon hearing that John Hood was named a Commercial Integrator AV Living Legend, his wife Marie said, “Great. How about you legend me up a sandwich, legend boy.”

Fun Fact #88
An anagram for Orlando is Landoor. According to Urban Dictionary a landoor is used to describe someone who loves to suck armpits.

Fun Fact #795
The Farm is sending eight team members to Orlando for InfoComm, which happens to be the same number of times a day John Hood will make “swamp crotch” references.

Farm Fun Fact #709
Chris Wehba was asked to throw out the ceremonial first pitch for the Bellevue East Little League season opener. Unfortunately, things went sideways when he was called for a pitch clock violation. He was also denied a post-pitch snow cone.

Farm Fun Fact #30
Due to the severe PTSD from a childhood event on the community swimming pool high dive, David Lawrence has removed his name from consideration for The Farm’s “Name the Chicken” contest.

Farm Fun Fact #99
Ted Lasso season 3 will include an appearance by The Farm’s Jacob Maxwell, who plays Fred Lasso, the clumsy, hacky sack-coaching brother of Ted.

Farm Fun Fact #701
Kim Naves of The Farm has never lost a game of H-O-R-S-E when played indoors on a Nerf hoop.

Farm Fun Fact #79
In February, when there are no outdoor sports played on TV, John Hood watches ice skating in his wife’s high school letter sweater, crying real tears.

Farm Fun Fact #507
Newest Farmer, Don Heisler, is so excited about joining the team that he promised to get a neck tattoo that reads, “Crop Till You Drop!”.

Fun Fact #31
The Farm has more employees under the age 30 than over the age 50. That really doesn’t mean anything other than a bunch of us don’t get up to pee in the middle of the night.

Farm Fun Fact #52
George Astin posts a beef cut identification chart on his Tinder profile. No meat means no meet.

Farm Fun Fact #617
2023 will be the first year Pat Birch identifies as a Farmer. He has requested that his pronouns be hee/haw.

Fun Fact #506
The Farm is VERY close to unleashing our showroom in Newark, CA, on the world. You’ll remember it in the same way you remember accidentally walking in on your parents. Ugh.