Farm Conference Room

September 2, 2020

WE have a conference room at The Farm AV global headquarters.  It isn’t a huge room, but we can’t put as many people in it as we used to.  We have empty seats.  Empty seats with microphones aimed at them.   Empty seats with PTZ presets ready to roll..

But, this brings about a unique opportunity for YOU, the fans of The Farm AV.  For only $249, you can have a cardboard cutout image of yourself in our conference room on our zoom meetings.  No need to miss out on the fun of Major League AV.  We are not going to let a little pandemic break up this technology party.

You might find your cutout sitting next to Adele, or maybe the great Willie Mays.  And for only $249, all 3 of the people on the far end will know that you are a fan of The Farm.  Your cardboard cutout will experience all the exuberance of discussions regarding “robust meeting experiences” and “advanced echo cancellation”.   Just imagine the joy.  You can’t be there in person, but your likeness will be taking in 4k60 over gigabit, touch-less touch panels, and all the joy of an AV related zoom call.  Maybe we will “go over the numbers”….. priceless.

So for a small up charge of only $99 each, your cutout can sit at the head of the table and seemingly run the meeting.  And the best part, your cutout is ALWAYS ON MUTE.  So act fast.  The demand for the prime seating is high.

So yeah, you might miss out on the sights and smells of being at Major League AV in person,  but let your friends in AV see you on the medium screen and show your support for your local team, The Farm AV.