I Love My Job

October 2, 2020

Most of you know how much I love my job.  It’s hard, but very rewarding.  I get to meet amazing people, find myself in meetings that I have no business attending, and help coach some of the greatest AV minds on earth.  It is really fun.  But I am thinking about quitting.  I am applying for a job that my friend just was hired for.

My friend pushes the crowd noise buttons at NFL games.  That is what he does.  He watches a sport he loves, reacts to the action on the field, and shares his reaction with the national television audience.  That is right.  He watches something fun, then reacts, then shares it with the whole world.   I want a job doing that.  I want to do crowd noise watching stuff I Iove to watch.  I like watching sports, so that one is easy.  I also watch other things.  I watch the news.  I want to be in the news studio with the crowd noise button.  I want to press the LOUD POSITIVE button.  Or the “shock” button.

When a cold front is coming in and the weather guy is tele-strating it, YAY!  Putin, “BOO”.

I like to watch NOVA on PBS.  I wonder if the crowd noise machine has a button marked “pensive”.  When David Attenborough says “In this vast wasteland, this parched desert…there are indeed……”.   I will hit the “Screaming Fans” button with all of my might.

So my buddy landed the one job that might make me leave AV.  The one job, created solely by the covid, that is awesome.  I didn’t even get a chance to apply.

For now,  I have made my own “Fan Noise” system for my home.  Mr. Spock gets the “boo”.    McCoy gets applause.  And everyone on Ozark gets the “shock and awe” sound.

I really like writing about networks and 4k60 4:4:4.  I really do.  I promise next month I will dig deep into network octets.  I promise.  Really.