I Went To a Meeting

July 7, 2020

I went to a meeting.  I went to a meeting.  A meeting with people in it.  In a room.  Together.   I went to a meeting.  And we talked.  To each other.  And we collaborated.  They asked questions, and I answered them.   We did not step on each other.  Nobody had to pause and say “you go ahead.”

I went to a meeting.  It was the best meeting ever in the long history of meetings.  It was magical.  In my meeting, there was the guy that asked the question he knew for certain I could not answer.   You know the guy.  And I loved it.  I was happy to stutter, and say, “I’ll have to find out.”

Just sing to the Katy Perry Song,”I went to a meeting and I liked it”…

I went to a meeting.  And I liked it so much that I went to another meeting.  And low and behold, it was wonderful too.  And we wore masks, stayed apart, used hand sanitizer, and got work done.  Amazing work.

I had my temp taken 14 times in 5 days.   When I asked one receptionist that took my temp how my temp was,   she said  “ok”.  Then she took Andrew Stanley’s temp.  I asked,”How is his temp?” to which she answered, “better”.  She might be my new favorite person.

I signed into all the sign-in sheets.  Lots of them.  And we met.  And we worked.  And we got things done.

So these meetings were about AV.  Specifically AV for meeting spaces.  And people were in the meetings.   What does all this mean?   It means meetings are not going away.   Responsible meetings are not the reason for the increase in the ‘rona.  People get things done in good meetings…and good AV promotes good meetings.  And good responsible meetings are going to continue…why?   Because the people meeting are going to kick the stuff out of the people afraid to meet in the business world.

So, all that being said, some of the most brilliant minds of our industry happen to be in a high risk covid-group, and most certainly not by choice.  But in these meetings, they did join virtually, and still were able to take advantage of the more free banter that an in-person meeting provided.

So I went to a meeting, and my optimism increased at least ten-fold.  I was careful.  The others were as well.  Nobody wants to be a Covid user.

I did NOT go to a “meeting” in a bar.  If I don’t feel positively wonderful on any given day, I am not going to “power through” and go to a meeting… and I am pretty sure we all get that message by now.  The stakes are too high.

But the stakes are also high on the other side.  I know the ads say “If you can stay home, stay home.”   Yeah…I get that.  But if you can work safely and add value to society, DO THAT.  I think we see what happens to society at large when you coop them up for too long.  Folks get a little restless and sometimes establish their own country within a city here and there.

If you want a responsible meeting with a masked up, temp taken, wonderful feeling Farm rep, let us know.   If you are being safe, we will show up and safely show you why meetings are awesome with the latest in AV.