InfoComm Pro Tips

June 3, 2024

In 1994, I attended my first InfoComm. I didn’t really know what AV was. I don’t think AV really knew what AV was. There were some projectors, a single new-fangled LED wall, some strange boxes with connectors that looked like they were part of the Mercury rocket program. There was no audio stuff there to speak of. But there was one familiar sight. Fanny-packs. Front facing fanny-packs. And dudes with saggy cargo pants and logo golf shirts.   

Thirty years later I am packing up my khakis, golf shirts, and heading off to InfoComm. I love-hate this industry just like I did thirty years ago. I don’t know where you might be today in your AV career, and because you are reading this, you likely have an AV career, and you likely have a love-hate relationship with AV. You probably have a love-hate relationship with the InfoComm show. After attending more than a few trade shows, I have picked up a few tidbits along the way. Today I am going to share with you a few of my secret tips and tricks to having a productive and fun time at the show.

  1. Don’t do drugs… well, sorta. Don’t do a lot of drugs. Try not to do any illegal drugs at all. That is important. Do your best at not doing a lot of illegal drugs. This will help keep you out of jail and keep you from missing important meetings.  
  2. Use vehicles for transportation. Things in Las Vegas look a lot closer than they actually are. Things like cars, buses, even scooters can help you get from one place to another without tiring you out. Take it from a veteran. Cars really help.
  3. Stay in a hotel or a rental home. I know it is smart to try to save a little money for your company here and there when you can, but to get the best experience on the show floor, some sleep in an actual bed can really kick your day up a notch! 
  4. Bring one of those briefcases with wheels that makes everyone trip and fall as you drag it in front of everyone. This is a real icebreaker when you are trying to network. There is nothing better than a twisted ankle to spur some real banter!
  5. Make Deals in the aisles on the show floor. When people see you backing up traffic with your quota-crushing magic, your LinkedIn profile will become the stuff of legends.
  6. Keep your eyes on your phone! The best way to navigate the show floor is to use your phone when walking in the aisles. Keep your eyes glued to the screen so you don’t get lost. Other attendees will get out of your way and secretly wish they were as prepared with a phone-map as you.

If you have your own tips for having a great trade show, please keep them to yourself. I want to trot this article out for the next five or six InfoComm shows the way the local TV news talks about sunscreen every June.

Here is one actual pro tip. Booths like mine (Starin/The Farm/ToolFarm/SFM/Midwich – C8022) don’t have gear in them. They are an oasis in the middle of the show floor where you can get a water, coffee, put your feet up for a minute and find some neutral ground with friends.

– John Hood, CEO