Merry CRMstmas from The Farm

December 19, 2022

It is that time of year. Everyone has made their lists and is eagerly awaiting that amazing evening. Jolly Old St. Benioff is checking to see if you’ve been naughty or nice.   

What do you want for CRMstmas little Brett? Did you fill out all the mandatory fields? How likely is it that you are going to get it this month? Are you sure that is all you want for CRMstmas?

Jolly Old St. Benioff

I think you should go back and look at all of your lists and check them twice…wait…check them about 50 times and change the dates, and percentages for all of your CRMstmas wishes. Then we need you, little Brett, to look deep into all of your CRMstmas wishes and let us know about the next 6 months too. If you wish really hard, all your deals will come true. We need you to wish a lot harder. If you don’t start wishing harder, well, let’s not talk about that. It is the holidays and all.

We just checked the pumpkin pie chart, and it looks a lot like some of your deals are all crust and whipped cream. If you have time, run this report on your sales-stocking. We need you to go through it real quick and let us know what’s candy-corn, and what’s legit in here. It’s all part of the CRMstmas tradition.   

So put out some milk, cookies, and bourbon for St. Benioff this CRMstmas eve. All his little helpers have been in hybrid meetings all year about this night. Soon he takes off from atop his tower at 415 Mission to come down your sales funnel and mark all of your opportunities closed-won.

Merry CRMstmas to all and to all a good FY24 because we are a little bit concerned about your numbers…