The Farm Newsletter | FarmFresh | Dec. 2020

  QSC beefs up their line up with a new power hitter  –  Shure’s off-season acquisitions from the free agent market are brilliant  –  Evidence that Roland adds to your performance  –  

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2021 Already Doesn’t Suck As Bad!

 The QSC NV-32-H has been one of the more unique technology products of 2020, combining a 3×2 networked video streaming device with the I/O-USB BRIDGE, among other things. Configure as an encoder or decoder and you have all of your audio AND video wrapped in to the Q-Sys ecosystem!

So how do we make it better in 2021? How about making a DSP option?

Introducing the QSC NV-32-H CORE CAPABLE. What is “CORE CAPABLE?” It’s a software-selectable mode that turns the networked peripheral in to a networked DSP (think Core Nano) with local HDMI switching capabilities. Now a single box can handle USB bridging, HDMI sources, PTZ cameras, Dante audio, AEC, speaker management, and control!

If you still want to use the NV-32-H as a peripheral in a Q-Sys system, that’s fine too. Simply select “Peripheral Mode” in Q-Sys Designer to enable the network video streaming. It can act just as the existing NV-32-H units.

Better yet, it is priced the same as the previous addition of NV-32-H’s. Want to learn more? Call your Farm representative today!


Farm Fun Fact #750

Farm COO Tom Mattley picked the BEST year ever to have super bad cold sores.

Shure Bought It’s Own Christmas Present

  Two key players in the conferencing audio ecosystem market have joined forces to provide a wider variety of networked audio choices for customers.

Shure, a global leader in audio technology, has acquired California-based Midas Technology, Inc., also known as Stem Audio, which specializes in providing a suite of products including table, ceiling and wall microphones as well as loudspeakers, control interfaces and hubs. With the acquisition of Stem Audio, Shure will be able to further expand and diversify its solution offering for organizations of all sizes, while Stem Audio will benefit from the robust global infrastructure and support capabilities that Shure provides

“We both believe in ecosystems. Working together, we aim to provide customers with better options to deploy great audio in more spaces, more cost effectively, and more quickly,” said Chris Schyvinck, President and CEO, Shure. “Shure and Stem Audio understand the importance of good quality audio and taking care of customers, so this acquisition is a great fit for both organizations.”

High quality audio doesn’t have to be complicated. Stem Audio has designed its solutions from the outset based on the perspective of the end-user. Stem Audio’s unique product line, in tandem with Shure’s comprehensive end-to-end audio ecosystem, including powerful Microflex® AdvanceTM and IntelliMixTM product lines and industry-recognized customer support, provides a rich and expansive suite of solutions for customers. The addition of the Stem Audio line complements Shure’s product offering and provides customers with a greater choice of products as their needs evolve – from a “build your own room” assignment to an “I need a professional integrator” project. Stem Audio has developeda proven business model that is attractive to a wider variety of customers looking for audio solutions, filling the market need in a very efficient way.

Shure and Stem Audio will continue to operate separately as integration plans for sales and support are finalized. Future plans for the respective product portfolios will be shared later. In the meantime, customers will continue to buy and receive support for Stem Audio products from Stem Audio’s current channels, including in the U.S. market.

This acquisition also includes Midas’ Phoenix Audio Technologies brand.


Farm Fun Fact #429

The Farm has officially decided that even in a post-vaccine 2021, we will not be accepting a drag from your vape pen.

Roland Will Bring a +1

  The V-1HD+ is the ultimate compact A/V switching solution for serious visual storytellers. Elevate your creative production process with versatile I/O, a familiar user interface, deep control, and essential monitoring tools that help keep your content looking great and sounding perfect. The V-1HD+ delivers the superior performance you want and the production-critical reliability you demand—plus the Roland support and training resources you deserve.

I thought I would do a quick case study on a question I am asked…


Farm Fun Fact #1

2020 has been brutal. But we are almost through it together. Thank you readers, customers, friends.

You just made yourself your famous leftover Thanksgiving sandwich… Do you cut it diagonally or down the middle?

Last month’s Fowl Powl results: In the most lop-sided Fowl Poll ever, most all of our voters think that even Eddie’s guitar couldn’t save the fate of a band named Lee Roth! 91.4% believe that the band would not have been as big if they went with the front man’s last name. How about The Hagars?! No?