The Farm Newsletter | FarmFresh | March, 2022

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Listen EVERYWHERE, Indeed

   We’ve been telling you about Listen EVERYWHERE, the low latency, high quality, WiFi audio solution from Listen Technologies for quite some time.  You’ve told us that you can’t wait for it to become ADA-compliant.  Well, guess what?

  The Wi-Fi Audio Receiver 1020 (LWR-1020) is a dedicated assistive listening receiver for use with a Listen EVERYWHERE server, allowing venues to meet ADA compliance with an audio over Wi-Fi assistive listening solution.  Venues can simply lend receivers to guests who want to hear the audio loud and clear.

  Also available is a single Listen EVERYWHER SKU for your ADA-compliant need, the LWS-10.  It includes the LW-100P-02 2-channel server, (2) LWR-1020 WiFi receivers, RACK MOUNT KIT, and more. 

  Would you like to hear the new receivers?  Want to demo this system?  Call your Farm rep today!


Farm Fun Fact #7

In response to Major League Baseball delaying the start of their season, we are doing the obvious.  Tryouts for the Farm League will be held next Saturday, 3/ 12, at Sunrise Little League in Citrus Heights, CA, at 9:00 am SHARP.

Let’s RE-Activate

  Did you attend the QSC Activate Winter 2022 last week?  Did you see all of the new network endpoints, software, and landscape speaker options?  If not, you can watch the whole Active Webinar here!

  To recap, it’s network awesomeness with native Q-Sys devices!  It’s three different models of network loudspeakers, a network tabletop microphone, a new series of network I/O expanders for audio AND control, a bollard-style outdoor loudspeaker, and two scaling software licenses to unlock the full power of the Core Nano and Core 8 Flex!   Again, since all of this is native in Q-Sys Designer, you can continually grow your AV and control system in ONE SOFTWARE PLATFORM!.

  For more information about this new solutions and how they can help you and your customers, please reach out to your Farm rep today!

EAW is Farming!

   We are so pleased and proud to announce that The Farm is now the manufacturers representative for EAW in the Pacific Northwest, Northern California, and North Nevada.   EAW has a decorated history in our industry and as complete a line of premium loudspeakers that exists in the market.

  Founded in 1978 by partners Kenton Forsythe, and Ken Berger, EAW’s first single enclosure system was the CS-3 designed for Carlo Sound. It combined a B-215 dual 15-in low-frequency horn, a MR102 12-in mid-frequency horn and a Community BRH90 high frequency horn into one gigantic box, and was the first commercially available horn-loaded single enclosure box system.

  In 1985 EAW became famous by developing the KF850 loudspeaker system.  For many years this system was the standard among loudspeakers used for professional touring shows. With this system EAW gained much of its credibility in the professional audio industry.

  EAW also became well known for creating custom loudspeaker designs for specific projects and applications. Technologies developed for these designs have led to the development of many of EAW’s standard products, which are mainly used in professional and commercial sound reinforcement applications, such as concert venues, music and dance clubs, theaters, stadiums, theme parks, and houses of worship.

  In 2000 EAW was purchased by Mackie Designs, Inc., now called Loud Audio LLC. In 2018, EAW was purchased by the RCF Group, to be run as a separate entity.

  EAW is headquartered in Whitinsville, MA and managed by TJ Smith in the role of President. They continue to design and manufacture high quality loudspeaker solutions for Professional applications across the globe. EAW’s ADAPTive family of products stand alone as the most technically advanced loudspeaker on the planet today. While the QX, MK, and MKD series can be found in many venues including sports facilities, Theaters, and HOW.


Farm Fun Fact #419

If Dana Moody answers the phone “Howdy. What can I get ya?”, she’s already had 3 mimosas.

It was around 1990.  My customer, Anatole, came into the music store to buy an amplifier.  He wanted a Crown MicroTech 1200.  Great amp, by the way.  Rock solid amp….

Have you ever seen the caboodle without the kit?

Last month, 46.4% of our voters thought being stuck on a stranded island with nothing but Meatloaf on an unlimited play jukebox was the best option. The 7.1% of you that voted for BTS…we know who you are. …but I won’t do that! Thanks for voting!