The Farm Newsletter | FarmFresh | August, 2022

 The FarmAssist team has a new Ace…and his stuff is wicked good!   A new power hitter added to the line up…The Juice Goose is loose! The lead off spot once occupied by Q-SYS is now occupied by Q-SYS Fun with The Farm – A Fowl Poll – In the John

Another Prescription…Filled

Welcome our newest FarmAssist team member, Sean Murphy!  Sean is based near our Seattle-area office and will hold the new role of Regional Services Manager.   As we expand our FarmAssist services through the channel, we found it important to not only have the necessary programming team in each region, but also have a point person for customer interaction, job estimating and project management.  Sean will lead the development of all of that in the PNW!

While studying for his Computer Science and Music degrees at PLU in Tacoma, Sean did live sound for concerts and large conference events around Puget Sound. After graduating, he joined a Seattle-based AV integration company, learning a lot of Q-SYS, before coming to The Farm AV.  When not working, he plays bass in a rock band and tenor pan in a steel band. Yes, steel pan, look it up.

If you have a FarmAssist opportunity in the PNW, please reach out directly to Sean at  Congratulations, Sean!


Farm Fun Fact #746

Newest Farmer Sean Murphy recently became engaged!  He also recently learned what “catfishing” is.

Juice Goose has Web’d Feet  

As most of you have seen in the last few years, The Farm has developed a series of manufacturer relationships to include products that can be used in a single ecosystem.  Of course, that preferred ecosystem is Q-SYS.  In that way, our newest manufacturer partner, Juice Goose, is already there!

The iP Series Power Control Products from Juice Goose can be controlled and managed remotely through their own web-based GUI OR entirely through Q-SYS.

There are 7 different models in the iP Series.  Functionality and form-factor varies, but can include:

  • TCP/IP and RS232 control options

  • 15 or 20 amp capacity 

  • Built-in power conditioning

  • RX Models include surge protection

  • 2 or 3 programmable Power Pods 

  • Failsafe control for manual override

QSC developed a control plugin that enables native integration of Juice Goose iP Series web-based power management devices into the Q-SYS Ecosystem. In addition to allowing Q-SYS users to configure and monitor their iP Series devices within the Q-SYS environment, the plugin enables users to quickly add power sequencing and control functionality to Q-SYS user control interfaces (UCI) without any programming required.

For more information or to order, please reach out to your Farm rep today!

Q-SYS is now Q-SYS 

Okay, so this is a surprise to absolutely no one, but the amazing platform you have been using for the last few years for audio, video, and control, called Q-SYS?  Yeah, it’s now called.  I mean the company is Q-SYS.  And they make Q-SYS

Ugh, just go to and you’ll see what I mean.  Q-SYS.


Farm Fun Fact #88

After 20 years of herculean effort, The Farm has decided to end its effort to incorporate the word “sultry” into the AV lexicon.

On This Day
  It is arduous to find something to write about that doesn’t make me mad.   Everything on the news, every email from a factory, any text message from Southwest Airlines about my flight, they all seem to just piss me off…

Is an unbalanced restaurant table the most frustrating thing in the world?

Last month, 73.7% of our voters agreed that the best part of 4th of July is David Lawrence in a red, white & blue Speedo yelling "Mer’ca"! on his back deck to the passing boaters… how this wasn’t a 100% vote is beyond us.