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Those of you who know us well at The Farm, know we have a lot of good days.  And any day we can improve ourselves as a partner for our customers and manufacturers is a great day.   Well guess what we did today?

Now Representing Audio-Technica!

We are so excited to announce, effective October 1, we are representing Audio-Technica Commercial Audio in Alaska, California, western Idaho, Hawaii, western Montana, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. For decades, Audio-Technica has designed and manufactured a robust line of high-performance microphones, headphones, wireless systems, and electronic products for commercial environments.  Their focus in the last few years has become the installation world, with a ceiling array and Dante and other awesomeness.  So, let’s talk about networked microphones and partnerships with companies like Q-SYS!  

Territory Expansion too!!

As of October 1, we’re moving down to SoCal and Nevada with Audio-Tehnica, Digital Projection, Juice Goose, König & Meyer, Leon Speakers, Screen Innovations and Visionary Solutions. Get ready for us folks!

More Farmers!!

How in the heck are we supposed to sell more stuff to more wonderful people without MORE OF THE BEST TALENT!?  We are monumentally lucky and happy to announce our latest team members!  Matthew Jensen, formerly of Alliance Audiovisual Group, will be joining the team in SoCal, while Dana Sanders Nickel will be our Denver-based resident farmer for the Rockies.

We’re growing acreage as fast as headcount and couldn’t be more stoked. Over the next several weeks you’ll see official press releases, but we wanted to give you a heads up in case you have any initial questions. We know this is a lot to take in, so reach out to your local farmer for more information!


Farm Fun Fact #339

The Farm’s Matthew Jensen has the best chest "lettuce" in the AV industry.


Amps Are Soooo Last Year 

If you are reading this, you probably have an amplifier on backorder.  It’s okay, we all do.  We know it’s not awesome.  That said, for the right projects, we’ve got solutions.

The QSC NL series of networked loudspeakers are ALL in STOCK!  

QSC has multiple options that include the NL-C4 ceiling speaker, the NL-P4 pendant speaker, and the NL-SB42 soundbar.  All of them are 12W with PoE, but become 24W with PoE+.  As native Q-SYS network endpoints, they can all be programmed as single zones or part of any and all zones.  The soundbar also includes an programmable LED light that can be configured with other QSC devices to present call sync or other in-room indications.

While we do know that for projects that are already designed or in process it does mean running category cable instead of speaker cable and finding PoE ports on your switch…IT CAN SHIP NOW!!!  Did we mention they can ship now?

For pricing, specifications, or a demo, please contact your Farm rep today!


Customized Power Is Yours!

As you may have noticed in the last few months, The Farm has stickers.  And we LOVE to give them away.  (If you don’t have one, that’s sad.  But let us know).  The bottom line is, we love our brand.  

You probably (and should) love your brand too!   Of course, you do!  You also put a power distribution unit in every rack you build!  Oh, and you’re probably constantly running out of rack space!  So obviously, the question that keeps you up every single night is, “How can I brand and save rack space at the same time?”

Juice Goose, that’s how.  

Juice Goose has a very easy-to-use private label program for you.  For not much more than the cost of a blank rack panel Juice Goose will custom silk screen one of the JG Series power distribution units with your company's logo and contact information.  The JG Series consists of five different single-rack models of 6-11 outlets with 15- or 20-amp capacity.

The process is even easy!  

  • Step #1 Select the Juice Goose JG Series model for your custom graphics.
  • Step #2 Provide Juice Goose with your preferred contact information and a digital image of your logo art (jpg, gif or tiff). Juice Goose will create a composite image of your artwork (rendering) on a photo of the product for your review. Please specify any font or ink color (Pantone or "PMS") requirements.
  • Step #3 With your approval of the digital rendering and a purchase order Juice Goose will place the production order with the factory in the middle of the current or next month. Complex and multiple color graphics may require a prototype front panel for approval before production is authorized.


Farm Fun Fact #21

The last time the Seattle Mariners made the playoffs there were 5,273 Blockbuster stores.


  Many of my readers have asked, "John, why did you leave your lucrative career in dog food palatalizing for a job in audio/video?" I know it seems crazy, but I made the leap from stacking cans of "Adult Formula" onto pallets (then expertly shrink-wrapping them) to what I do now. I made the leap because of 'sound'.


Last month, 43% of our voters agree that the Teenage Years is the most appropriate time to crush your children's dreams. ..."you'll go far my child...maybe" 🙂 

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