Farm News – January, 2020

Listen Technologies is the Best Lead Off Hitter in the League! The Farm AV assembles an AV All Star team!Barco puts a new Power Hitter in the Line Up – Fun with The Farm! – A Fowl Poll

We Listened!

Easier is better, right? So why not work with Listen Technologies to create an EASY way to put together an ADA-compliant assisted listening system?
Below you will find our user friendly compliance sheet for different sized rooms and different assisted listening options! Print it out, keep it next to your computer, sleep with it, etc! If you have needs beyond this document please let your Farm rep know and we will get a quote for you!

Bringing it Together

Hey Farm Newsletter guy! You Farmers always talk about how much symmetry there is between your lines. Can you give me an example of Visionary Solutions, QSC, and even Barco and Atterotech (now QSC) working together seamlessly?

No…I’ll give you four examples:


Farm Fun Fact


Andrew Stanley will begin his first full year at The Farm in 2020, coincidentally known as the Year of Hindsight.

Barco LED Will Blow Your Mind

Ever see something so cool that you couldn’t really put it in to words? Or something that was so amazing that a website couldn’t do it justice? Well, Barco tried both…and crushed it. Take a look at their XT series LED products below…


Farm Fun Fact


Jim Loppnow got Alexa for Christmas. She yelled "HURRY UP!" and now they don’t talk.

Under the Hood…

AV is like a self driving car… we promise you’ll understand.

I have a car with “pilot assist”. It is pretty cool. It is a combination of adaptive cruise control and some fancy cameras and whatnot that keep me in the middle of the road…

Which is the BEST National Lampoon Vacation Movie?

LAST MONTHS FOWL POLL RESULT: In a complete landslide, 90.7% of the voters agreed that Die Hard is most definitely a Christmas Movie. Thanks for voting!