The Farm Newsletter – FarmFresh – Nov. 2020

Salamander rolls out a new hitting strategy – Meet One Systems. The clean up spot will never be the same! – Listen‘s trusty pitch will always be clutch – Let’s go to the booth with The Farm’s new Help Desk – Fun with The Farm – A Fowl Poll –

Reinventing the Wheels

  The break room just got turned in to a Zoom Room!  The marketing team is holding an actual Teams meeting in lobby! 

  AV and web conferencing is moving all over the place for many reasons.  And often it’s using carts to do so.    Put a display and a camera on a cart and your courtroom deposition, factory training, or healthcare consultation just became mobile.

  But what about the required computer, microphone, speaker, ClickShare, network switch, DSP, or other collaboration/presentation devices you need?  Where do they go?  And how are they secure?  And how the heck do I store all of that on a single, durable cart.

  The FPS series from Salamander Designs answers these questions and more…      

  • Works with displays up to 98”      
  • ADA-compliant design       
  • Fixed or electrically adjustable heights       
  • Vertical rack space      
  • Retractable cable reels for power, ethernet and video       
  • Lockable enclosures      
  • Accessories such as shelves for keyboards, cameras, speakers, etc.
Call your Farm rep for more details or a “build your own” quote!

One More Thing!

  West Coast, baby! We get sun, sand, salt, snow, rain (hello PNW), you name it! So speaker manufacturers make a “rugged” (i.e. poor audio quality) or a “weatherized” (i.e. average audio quality/average durability) speaker version for our ever changing conditions. What they don’t make is a product ENGINEERED for harsh conditions, including marine environments.

  That’s why The Farm is so lucky to introduce our new partnership with One Systems.  One Systems produces IP-rated, direct weather loudspeakers that provide high fidelity, intelligibility, and longevity. 

  The One Systems line of speakers includes the Platinum Hybrid Series for ALL indoor or outdoor applications and the Silver Series for indoor and non-coastal outdoor environments. 

  One Systems products can be seen and heard in all kinds of applications from Olympic Skiing venues to NFL stadiums, to cruise ships, to the tour boat that takes visitors to the bottom of Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls, for crying out loud!!


Farm Fun Fact #51

By spending the day overeating, wearing sweats, watching TV, and fighting with his family, David Lawrence will be using this Thanksgiving to forget about 2020 for at least a day.

Listen for REAL world distancing

  Social distancing is the #1 thing you can do to keep employees and guests safe but face masks and distance can create barriers to communication and safety.  ListenTALK communication systems can help!

Farm Assist Help Desk

Go to and click on the Farm Assist Help Desk.  Then sit down.  Because the result is going to make you dizzy.   Then grab a Sprite and enjoy.  You’re welcome.

I remember a long time ago. Offices had their own coffee makers…


Farm Fun Fact #290

The Farm hasn’t publicly endorsed a candidate since the original Pepsi Challenge of 1975.  Being on the wrong side of history literally leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

If Van Halen was the same band but called Lee Roth, would it have been as big?

Last month’s Fowl Powl results: In a close race, 52.5% of our voters thought Mr. Mel Gibson was stranger than Mr. Nicholas Cage… "THEY CAN NEVER TAKE OUR FREEDOM!"