News from The Farm AV | June 2020

Barco hits a Moonshot into Instant Space – Your home team is having a bake sale – Danley Sound Labs leads the board of new expansion teams – A Hall of Fame moment for Visionary Solutions – Fun with The Farm!

ClickShare Conference – Instant Space

  As we mentioned a few months ago, Barco upped their ClickShare game with the new CX Conferencing series.  Now we can not only present wirelessly (with or without a button), but we can incorporate the in-room camera and audio into that presentation system for full conferencing convenience.

  The meeting organizer can present from their chair and in their space.  One person can start a Zoom/Teams meeting and whole room is now in the meeting from their chair and in their space.  If we need to switch presenters, we simply have the next user click their button from their chair and in their space. 

  Present from where you are.

Kent Trailer Sale

 We have some gear in Washington.  It’s good gear.  But we want you to have it.  For a small price.  Interested?  Click here to log in to our site and see what products and pricing are available.  Do it!  Now!

(For those of you in NorCal and N. Nevada we will have a similar trailer sale in Roseville next month)


Farm Fun Fact


Skip Godwin has put 17 pounds on his 143 pound frame during Quarantine.  He now simultaneously has gout and is gaunt.  Web MD is creating a new entry for this “yet to be named” condition.

Danley Sound Labs

  The Farm is proud to announce that we are representing Danley Sound Labs in the PNW and Hawaii.  Don’t know Danley?  They are high end speakers from an independent company.  They don’t make DSP or microphones, they make speakers.  They aren’t the most recent acquisition of another manufacturer, and don’t plan on it. 

  Danley has built a fantastic reputation and portfolio of installations based on their technology creations such as The Synergy Horn™ and the Tapped Horn Subwoofer™.  Installations include sports arenas, stadiums, houses of worship, performing arts centers, and night club/live venues.

  All Danley products are designed and engineered in the USA.  From the North Carolina built cabinets to our Georgia-born metal work, you can confidently buy their high quality loudspeakers and subwoofers knowing they are built here at home.

  Danley Sound Labs is the exclusive home of Tom Danley, one of the most innovative loudspeaker designers in the industry. Tom has pioneered numerous technologies that have been utilized in a wide range of projects including ground zero bombing simulations, active noise cancellation of jet engines, critical listening mastering studios, live sound, commercial/high-end home theatres and houses of worship around the world.

  Expect a PNW tour of Danley speakers in July.  If there is anything in their line that you want to hear, let us know.  If you have any questions, hit up your Farm rep!

VSI Goes to Space

"Visionary Solutions, Inc. is honored and extremely proud as our Encoders onboard the ISS witness and broadcast the successful arrival of the first American launch of astronauts since being chosen and deployed by NASA in 2014! Over 350 million live views from orbit and still going strong!"

  – Scott Freshman Chief Operations Officer at Visionary Solutions, Inc.

The images at the end of this video are in fact the streams from VSI encoders… the rest of video is launch and deployment of VSI encoders as part of HDEV in 2014.

Farm Fun Fact


Chris Wehba is at your office right now setting up a demo.

In the John…

The New Normal

I have been busy taping arrows on our office floor all day. I put up a sign on our restroom that says "one person at a time". It only has room for one, but…


Did you know that ‘La Cucaracha’ was a song about a cockroach that couldn’t find his marijuana?

LAST MONTHS FOWL POLL RESULT: In a landslide victory, the person you would most want to have as your roommate during quarantine is: Dr. Dre with 76.9% of the vote! As always, thanks for voting and keep ‘dem heads ringin’.