TEST-KP-FarmFresh • The Farm Newsletter • August, 2023
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You Can’t Spell Pro without ATS

The Farm is extremely excited to announce our new representation of ATS-Pro. 

Wait, who? Fair question. 

ATS-Pro is the exclusive US distributor of Taylorleds. Again, who? Taylorleds is a joint venture between ATS-Pro and Absen. In this joint venture, Taylorleds owns all of the design, R&D, and QC of their display products. With over 18 years of experience in system design 

and mechanical engineering of LED solutions, that is incredibly important. Taylorleds is not “another dvLED company”, they are a unique venture in a market of “me toos.”

ATS-Pro is also the largest US distributor of Novastar products.That status has provided them the opportunity to assist in design recommendations for the video processing and scaling solutions. Together with the Taylorleds products, this is a match made in pixel heaven! And we haven’t even gotten into the all-in-one solutions! More Information Here!

Want more information and a quote? Let your Farm rep know today! And while you are getting a quote for the Taylorleds wall, let’s add a Draper Foundation Mount System!

New FarmAssister! Who is Writing Your Prescription?

Chris Lambert – He’s super tall. He’s super experienced. He’s probably super hydrated. 

In his role, Lambert will configure, build, deploy, test and troubleshoot Q-SYS, Visionary and manufacturer-partner DSP and control programs.

Read the entire press release HERE!

Fun Fact #732

If you ask for a “George Seruset” at a restaurant, prepare to be served a garden salad with sausage gravy dressing.

Farmhouse Opening Soon! Bay Area Showroom – Event Space – Training Center

Welcome to the greatest all-in-one showroom, event space, corner bar, and training center in the known world. Hyperbole? Maybe. Or maybe not: Here you can explore the forefront of enterprise technology solutions, immerse a client in the Q-SYS environment, bring your team in for a meeting or training – and do it all with a beer in hand.

Thursday, September 14th 
2 PM – 6 PM 

35475-B Dumbarton Court
Newark, CA 94560-1100 

Cocktails & food. Beer & music. Giveaways & Swag. Plus…a gala ribbon cutting! Our whole team will be there – and you’re welcome to bring yours! So, mark your calendar for an event to remember! (More details coming soon!)


Fun Fact #200

Don Heisler does not cut his toe nails in the kitchen.