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What’s a Midwich?
A Midwich, by definition, is a super awesome, global AV distributor, based in the UK. More importantly, they are now our bosses. What does it mean today? Nothing, really. We are now a part of an amazing organization comprised of the best AV professionals on earth. What does it mean in the future? Well, that’s what we all get to find out together. Plan on seeing a services-based, technical sales organization that is simply different than anything you’ve seen in the USA previously.  Oh, and super Farm-y.  So Farm-y…
In the meantime, if you have any questions, give your favorite farmer a call. Maybe they'll have an answer for you. OR send a message!

Fun Fact #109

John Hood went to ISE in Barcelona and came back with an accent that can only be described as “Drunk Taco Bell Spanish.”  It will likely haunt many for years.

Heavy Lifting From The Folks at A-T!

Audio-Technica has not exactly been secretive about diving into the array microphone world. In fact, they have been taking real market share with the ATND1061  Beamforming Ceiling Array Microphone. Now they have announced major upgrades with its latest firmware update, including VISCA (Video System Control Architecture) over IP and Voice Lift technology. 


VISCA offers synchronized control of multiple video peripherals, improving interoperability and meeting equality. Using VISCA over IP, you can position the camera to match with the audio captured  by the ATND1061. This creates a more natural experience in hybrid calls, improving meeting equality.

ATND1061 also now includes Voice Lift, a previous no-no, but something end users have clamored for! The purpose of Voice Lift is to boost the audio heard by listeners at the farthest distance, to the level of an un-aided listener sitting closer to the talker. Simply put, Voice Lift technology improves the communication environment in a space where voices don’t carry (i.e. larger rooms). It’s not sound amplification throughout a room–just a subtle lift for the areas where it’s more difficult to hear the speaker. Whether it’s a classroom, meeting room, or other type of space, Voice Lift makes a presenter’s words more intelligible. The technology also alleviates speaker and listener fatigue. The person speaking doesn’t need to strain to be heard, and the people in the back of the room don’t need to strain to listen. Easy to set up and use, Voice Lift drastically improves the user and integration experiences for those employing the ATND1061 in large spaces. Read more about A-T’s use of Voice Lift here!


Auracast is like Blueteeth!

Listen Technologies Corporation, a leading provider of advanced wireless listening solutions, and Ampetronic, a world-leading provider of audio induction loop systems, are transforming the way individuals access audio in public places. They are developing the first complete installed assistive listening system utilizing Auracast™ broadcast audio technology. This will be the first new product Listen Technologies and Ampetronic bring to market together since announcing their partnership and creation of a single source for innovative and accessible audio solutions.  As you may recall, Listen Technologies is the sole distributor of Ampetronic in the USA.

Auracast™ is a new standard for Bluetooth® Low Energy audio. It can broadcast audio to unlimited numbers of receivers and hearing aids simultaneously without always needing to pair to a transmitter first. This enables use of Bluetooth as a wide area assistive listening technology. Auracast™ is expected to be available in many new hearing aids, earbuds, and headphones in the future. Read more here!

Ampetronic and Listen Technologies are Auracast™ collaboration partners in the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), contributing to standards development and interoperability testing. Ampetronic and Listen Technologies have also collaborated with leading hearing aid manufacturers, microphone manufacturers, and audio infrastructure companies to deliver a robust and reliable technology platform for installation in public environments.

The new solution includes networked installation transmitters for multi-channel broadcast for any size space, with the option for open or secure transmission. The solution also will include dedicated receivers and charging bases. Most venues will use the dedicated receivers so end users without Auracast™ certified devices can access the audio and fulfill local accessibility requirements. A complete line of accessories will also be available, including headphones, neck loops, and network management and configuration software.

Expect more information, including a series of Auracast products with models and pricing over the next few months!

Fun Fact #544

On June 18th, 2023, a Tuesday, Dana Sanders Nickel lost a sale.  Every year on that day the entire AV market of Colorado burns a PO meant for her competitors in a show of respect.

Flip the Scrip Ep17:  David, Kelly and Fang Invite John Hood To Hang!



Last month, in one of our most lop-sided Fowl Poll's yet, 84% of our voters do indeed believe that Ryan Seacrest is tired of it being called "Dick Clark's Rockin' NYE"... can't blame him. Seacrest, OUT!