The Farm Newsletter | FarmFresh | July. 2021

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Stop Paying Less

   Well, we’ve been racking our brains trying to figure out how to make product price increases funny.  Nothing seems to have done the trick.  That said, I’d rather tell someone their baby is ugly than tell them they have to pay more for something.  Call me a softy.

  With that out of the way, it’s important to know that due to the supply chain, the Suez Canal, Jeff Bezos, semi-conductors, Bryson DeChambeau, global warming and actual demand, we have updated and increased pricing from some of our factory partners.

  Please log in to your account or talk to your Farm rep for updates from Listen, Denon, QSC, Visionary Solutions, Danley Sound Labs, and Salamander Designs.

Farm Fun Fact #882

David Lawrence has already made 6 payments on his Subaru Crosstrek.

Pay Less Sometimes

  Remember when we were talking about price increases?  Yeah, that was so two seconds ago.

   So, let’s discuss saving money.  We’ve told you this before but almost all of our manufacturers have a registration program based on either a project or a dollar threshold.  Don’t miss out on the new Roland 8% discount, or the Listen 5% discount, or many of the other opportunity registration discounts from QSC, One Systems, Leon, Philips, VSI, and more!

   Reach out to your Farm rep for a complete one-sheet of these discounts and the requirements of each.  


Farm Fun Fact #385

Andrew Stanley owns his Tesla outright

Factories are Coming to Town 

   As we get further away from rock-bottom, many of our factory partners are scheduling time to come back to our regions.  Of course, we will be reaching out to many people to coordinate visits, demos, and other meetings.  That said, who do you want to hear from?  Is there a Farm manufacturer you’d really like to meet with or a product you want to see?  We want to hear from you.  Please let your Farm rep know if there is a visit that needs to happen.  We don’t want to miss you!

I get asked that a lot.  Do you still rep brand XYZ?  I guess from the outside it looks like we change a lot…

Do you pronounce it…

Last month, 61.3% of our voters LOVE an airport beer. Mmmm…Stella Artoineken Light. Thanks for voting!