The Farm Newsletter | FarmFresh | February, 2023
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DPP?  Yeah, You Know Me!

The Farm AV recently joined the Q-SYS Developer Partner Program (DPP)!

What is the DPP, you ask? The Q-SYS DPP provides support to Q-SYS Technology Partners to help rapidly develop, market, and sell scalable integrated solutions.  Utilizing the entirety of the audio, video, and control ecosystem, The Farm is developing Q-SYS Certified Plugins that are fully vetted and endorsed by Q-SYS.  We will collaborate with Q-SYS to develop and certify the plugin integrations, while supporting and maintaining the plugin for our mutual customers.

“The QSYS audio, video and control platform has proven itself to be an extremely powerful, yet stable player in the AV/IT industry,” explains VP of Technical Services for The Farm AV, Andrew Stanley. “The Farm AV team is thrilled to join the DPP as a founding member and leverage our plugin development expertise to not only expand the Q-SYS ecosystem but make it the most effective solution on the market.”

“We are proud to have The Farm join our program to help accelerate plugin and API development allowing Q-SYS to integrate with even more software platforms and device manufacturers across the AV/IT industries to deliver elevated customer experiences,” says Tammy Fuqua, Developer Partner Manager, Alliances & Ecosystem, Q-SYS.

Have a question about DPP or have an integration solution you would like to present for development?  Please reach out to The Farm today!


Hole in the Head Needed?  NO!  Another Podcast?  YES!

They say you haven’t arrived until you have your own podcast.  Well, I’m pretty sure they say that.  They should totally start saying that.  Because WE HAVE OUR OWN PODCAST!

Introducing Flip the Script!  Starring our very own Kelly Perkins, George “Fang” Seruset, and David Maldow of Let’s Do Video, Flip the Script will be available on our YouTube channel, More Cowbell TV, on a weekly or daily or even weekly basis.

There they will discuss technology and AV trends/news, dad and/or awkward jokes, and AV tips and tricks, all in an unedited format!   Look at for surprise guests and experts.  Episode 2 just dropped as well!!!


Farm Fun Fact #79

In February, when there are no outdoor sports played on TV, John Hood watches ice skating in his wife’s high school letter sweater, crying real tears.


Enterprise Wireless is Here!

  It’s not every day that an established microphone company announces a new product series...certainly not with imminent delivery. Well, today is, um, not every day?

  Audio-Technica is now accepting orders for the new Engineered Sound Wireless (ESW) series of products.   

  ESW is a DECT wireless system that offers simple, smart, and scalable high-quality audio. This system overcomes many challenges of conventional wireless microphones, such as frequency coordination and the limited number of simultaneous microphones. 

Operation is incredibly easy for end users, with microphones ready to use by simply removing them from the charging station. At full charge, the batteries offer all-day operation. Installation is also made easy using PoE to power the receiver(s) and Dante audio output capabilities. System integrators are able to configure detailed settings to meet a wide variety of end-user needs. What else is ESW?

  • Automatic DECT-based frequency management

  • Up to 96 simultaneously usable channels

  • Simple setup with Cat 5e cable and 8-channel Dante audio output

  • Selectable RF power output to optimize coverage area

  • Presets for customizing transmitters for multiple applications

  • Roaming function for connecting transmitters to multiple receivers within preconfigured rooms/areas

  • Long-lasting internal lithium-ion batteries for all-day transmitter use 

  • Adjustable high-pass, transmitter gain, and volume for each receiver channel 

  • AES256 encryption for superior security 

  • Ability to configure, monitor, and save device settings as projects in Wireless Manager 

  • DECT RF scan for identifying the number of available DECT wireless channels via A-T’s Wireless Manager software


Guest Blog – A Farm Subsidy

We blog so you don’t have to. But sometimes we get tired and need to bring in the big guns. The market experts. Guys named Tim.


Farm Fun Fact #507

Newest Farmer, Don Heisler, is so excited about joining the team that he promised to get a neck tattoo that reads, “Crop Till You Drop!”.


Is This Position Remote? Because I’m in Jail…

It’s been raining for a week where I live. It has been raining. It has been around the holidays and I have been in jail. I’ve been incarcerated and have only been let into gen-pop in the evenings after work. 


Last month, 68% think taking a nap anytime after 7pm is just sleeping. WAKE UP! ...and thanks for voting 🙂