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Draper’s on Solid Ground

In the time it took you to open this email, four new companies have announced a new dvLED product. They are the Gremlins of the AV industry (Look it up. That’s funny stuff). Depending on the client, your team might be installing three different brands of walls to three different customers. It’s hard to become an expert on wall installation when you have to work with so many different types of hardware, from companies that might not be great with their documentation.

Introducing the Foundation Mount System from Draper. The Foundation solutions incorporate an innovative and rugged design, a complete side trim option, and pricing that will make it a no-brainer for your next dvLED project, regardless of the dvLED brand! Wavy walls? Foundation features fine Z-axis wall adjustment that quickly and precisely makes the system plumb. Funky floors? The plumb alignment pin helps quickly get system plumb even when dealing with non-flat surfaces with great precision, and the vertical rail adjusters let you quickly align and level the bottom row of cabinets.

Installation timeline tight? With Foundation, speed and precision are built in by design. Draper focused directly on the pro AV install community while creating Foundation. They understand that a video wall mounting solution should allow techs to get the job done quickly, painlessly, and with perfect results the first time. This is a great benefit for project managers working to keep on schedule and on budget. And, if needed, Draper® can even provide installation support for Foundation.

  • Have a preferred dvLED brand? Just let us know and we probably already have a solution for it!  
  • Need a seismic rated solution? Draper has those too!



Acoustical treatment doesn’t have to be hard. I mean, it does, but not for you. Make someone else do the hard part! You know, the math and the smart stuff. Acoustical Fulfillment makes several wall and ceiling treatment solutions, from their Fulfill line, to the Night Panels and Core Panels. But those series of products aren’t what make them great. It’s figuring out what series should be used and where. Like I said…the actual work!

Start by simply going to www.acousticalfulfillment.com/thefarm and getting a room analysis. Or get a fabric or product sample. Better yet, get an analysis and a quote! Acoustical Fulfillment built a company and brand based upon doing the part(s) that make you look like a genius. They will do that without telling anyone about your shortcomings. I promise. Sorta.


Farm Fun Fact #99

Ted Lasso season 3 will include an appearance by The Farm’s Jacob Maxwell, who plays Fred Lasso, the clumsy, hacky sack-coaching brother of Ted.


Please Don’t Britney Spears Our AV Manufacturers…


Farm Fun Fact #701

Kim Naves of The Farm has never lost a game of 

H-O-R-S-E when played indoors on a Nerf hoop.


What is the plural of Big Foot?