News From The Farm / March 2020

– Experts give The Farm AV an A+ on their Offseason Acquisitions of some Big Time Sluggers – Barco CX gets its transfer papers from the Minors – Words of inspiration from the Skipper – Fun with The Farm

Audinate DDM

  Did you know that you can buy/sell Audinate Digital Domain Manager (DDM) as an AV integrator? If you don’t know, DDM is network management software that enables user authentication, role-based security and audit capabilities for Dante networks, while allowing seamless expansion of Dante systems over any network infrastructure.Now, The Farm is representing Audinate and helping grow the familiarity and deployment of DDM with our integrator partners to the many Dante networks on the West Coast.

  DDM is offered in three different editions, based on Dante Domains and Dante Nodes. These editions all provide security and control, scalability and flexibility, and visibility and accountability, with varying levels of alerts and redundancy. 

To learn more about DDM, the differing editions, and how you can become an authorized reseller, please reach out to your Farm rep today!


Farm Fun Fact #769

Robin Carrillo has been “social distancing” since 1985, when Tom Petty released "Don’t Come Around Here No More."

Roland in the Deep

  The Farm is proud to announce that we are now representing Roland Pro A/V!  Roland has an extensive range of audiovisual switchers that are ideal for most applications. Everywhere from the boardroom to the stadium, the single operator to the full production team, their AV switchers are known for their reliability, versatility and intuitive design.

  In addition to a plethora of multi-format video and matrix A/V switchers, the newest line of VR streaming mixers is becoming a major part of their Pro A/V business. Our demo gear is on the way, and we look forward to giving you and your customer an overview of what Roland has to offer them for their live production, installed, or streaming A/V needs.

Under the Hood…

Finding as many silver linings as possible!

I know you have all been hammered by folks wanting to offer you “training” at home. These folks are all trying to do the right thing…

Barco Conferencing ClickShare Authorization and DEMO OFFER

  By now you know that the newest series of ClickShare is going to be available in the next few weeks.  This CX series DOES REQUIRE renewed and more selective authorization.  In essence, this product that was built for technical sales and integration organizations.  Your Farm rep has the authorization forms AND the the amazing demo deal being offered on CX-50 and CX-30 right now!


Farm Fun Fact #341

In order to prepare for a quarantine, Jim Loppnow is changing absolutely none of his daily route.


Vote and WIN!

We are constantly trying to be innovators here at The Farm AV. And what says innovation like giving stuff away?! That’s right…we are gonna give away the one thing that is coveted in our industry…SWAG. We are calling it The Farm’s "Feed Bag-o-Swag". All you have to do is vote to be entered. That’s it! Just Vote! Then, we will randomly pick a winner to receive a bag full of swag-a-licious items from the factories we represent. We will also take the winning names and enter them to win a super cool piece of something we promise will be expensive.  So vote…and who knows, you could be a winner…like David Lawrence. 

Poll Results from last newsletter

Did the 49ers George Kittle deserve the pass interference call? The winning response with 41.7% of the vote was: NO! He was robbed and the refs should be forced to apologize to his parents. Thanks for voting!


John Hood predicts that the Brady Trade to Bucc’s will be upstaged by Gardner Minshew’s run deep into the playoffs.