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You Get an Award!  And You Get an Award!

   It’s that time of year when we roll out our annual awards for AV technology.  The 2021 “Johnny” award recipients have already been sent their goodie-bags and their acrylic toilet trophies.  Sadly, due to Covid, the ordinary red-carpet reception and banquet had to be virtual.  And by virtual it means we sent people a text.

So here are the winners of the 2021 Johnny awards!

1) “The Least Helpful Indicator” award this year goes to …RED LED.   Yes, the RED LED again pulls in the award for the most useless notification device of the year.  Is it on?  Is it Muted?  Are we ON AIR?  Standby?  Nobody knows.  Thanks, LED, for another year of ambiguity.

2) “Lamest Connector” award …and the winner is USB.  USB has been in a hotly contested battle with Reverse BNC…but this year, USB pulled it out.  What is a host?  What is a device?  Is it 3.0?  I don’t know.  Squint and look inside for your secret color code.  Is it plugged in all the way?  Upside down?  Force it in!  Thanks, USB, for being a lame connector.

3)  “Best Wire” award …Once again, the runaway winner is CAT6.  Your hefty gauge and cool colors have brought countless thousands joy this year.  Yeah, some say 100 meters isn’t enough, but you just said, “Find something better”.  We are all proud of you, CAT6.  Fiber has nothing on you.

4)  “Least Commercial Feature” award …and this year’s winner is ECO MODE.   What does eco mode do?  From what we are told, it saves energy.   According to the science, all the eco-mode savings of all the displays in the world are less energy than the 3 truck rolls from one integrator in St. Louis on Tuesday of last week.   Congratulations ECO MODE.  You saved us from having a functional system.

5) “Best Excuse” award …it’s an unprecedented 3-way tie!  Congrats to Covid, Supply Chain Issues and Delayed Back to Work Strategy on fighting right through the end of the year.  We literally could have done it without you.

6) “I’m Not Spartacus!” award …goes to “that one device that shut the whole network down.”  We don’t know who you are, but you do!  You little rascal.  You’re out there, probably not contributing much to the system.  But no one is gonna forget you, because the big all-hands meeting was about to start and you wouldn’t let it! 

7)  “Best Newsletter” award …you know the answer. 😉

Farm Fun Fact #122

The Farm’s Skip Godwin is nicknamed “The Slim Reaper” because he’s maintained a thin physique over the years.  And because he kills people.  But mostly it’s the thin thing.

QSC Designer Updated to 9.3

This new version of Q-Sys Designer (download here) includes the NEW NC Series conferencing cameras, and more!


Listen to This Golden Oldie!

Fine.  IR is old-school.  But the Listen Technologies IR uses transparent material.  How can that be old-school!?   Want a refresher on this unique blend of old and new?  Here you go!

Farm Fun Fact #374

Kim Naves has multiple responsibilities at The Farm.  None of them should include “grabbing some doobies and frozen burritos for Hood.”

no thanks

The whole open office thing made me laugh.  Showing up to a meeting in one of these places was always an awkward…

I have watched _______ episodes of Golden Girls.

Last month, 56.5% of our voters use the phrase “Hang a U-ee”…but is their blinker on??? Thanks for voting!