Farm News – February 2020

– The League investigates Barco for having an "unfair advantage" over other wireless presentation platforms – A New Manager for Q-Sys proves to be a power move by the Organization. – Fun with The Farm! – A Fowl Poll

ClickShare for Conferencing

 We’ve all been using ClickShare for years.  We’ve seen it grow.  We added AirPlay, 4K, button vs no button, touch screen control, moderation mode, etc.  It has been the premier wireless presentation device in the market.  Until now. 

 Now ClickShare is the premier wireless conferencing device on the market.  

  Introducing the CX series of ClickShare products.  Plug in the button, open your video conferencing platform, and see your USB peripheral devices, such as your in-room camera, microphone and speakers.   Have your Zoom, Skype, or WebEx meeting without worrying about cables or adapters. 

  There are THREE new models, and we would like to introduce them to you in person.   Your Farm rep is ready to give you a test drive on your laptop using your favorite conferencing platform.

Farm Fun Fact #54

George Astin made 54 bacon-wrapped peppers for his Super Bowl party.  One for each second Kyle Shanahan waited to use his first timeout at the end of the first half.

Time to Reflect

Software as a Service, Managed Services, Remote Support…the idea of providing your customer with peace of mind by having eyes and ears on the health of their AV network (and more), is no longer a concept.  It’s a reality in the form of QSC Reflect Enterprise Manager. 

What is it?

 Wordy version – Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager offers a remote management and monitoring solution for AV systems leveraging Q-SYS technology to provide secure visibility and control of all AV devices (including native Q-SYS and third party devices) across multiple systems in real-time from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, it can also connect to other IT platforms to enable your AV data to add value to those other IT systems for far deeper, actionable insights across your enterprise. 

 Dumbed version – It means your team can see if something is wrong, where it is wrong, and how it is wrong…from wherever they are located.  A service team can then be deployed with a system event log and know where to go to address the issue.  Or it means that your team can view and operate the system remotely to remedy the problem.

Want a free look?  Yup, we said FREE! Start your 30-day, no-risk trial to explore the remote monitoring & management capabilities of the newly released Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager from QSC. #enteprisemanager #qsysecosystem


Farm Fun Fact #212

Pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training on February 12th.  That gives David Lawrence a total of 9 days to spend with his family between sport seasons.  American hero.


LAST MONTHS FOWL POLL RESULT: 60% of our voters agreed that Christmas Vacation was the best of the Vacation franchise movies.