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 • Visionary's 4-4-4 Double Play? • Rookie Hazing on The Farm's farm team • First 10,000 fans get a  cavlo Foam Finger • Will InfoComm Go Yard or Swing and Miss? • WAN is the new Rosin...everyone's using it! • Fun with The Farm • A Fowl Poll • In The John •

Visionary’s New 5 Has So Many 4’s!!

In the last few years you’ve likely used the Visionary Solutions (you haven’t???) 4100/4200 and Duet 2 series. There are so many things to love about those products.  While they haven’t literally saved lives, they’ve literally saved jobs. Probably yours!  Well, as you may have heard, the new 5 series is coming. It will consist of a suite of 5000 series and Duet5 models that ALMOST mirror their predecessors. Except for all those 4’s!

  • 4K60 4:4:4 Support: Unleash the full potential of ultra-high-definition video with support for 4K60 4:4:4 resolution, ensuring stunning image quality and color depth for the most demanding applications and environments.​​
  • Isochronous USB over IP:  Webcam extension over IP, simplifying the setup and operation of video conferencing and remote collaboration.​​​​​
  • Audio Return Channel (ARC) over IP: Simplify your audio setup with ARC support that enables seamless transmission of audio signals between connected devices over IP networks, eliminating the need for additional cables or equipment.
  • Full Motion MJPEG Substream: Enhance remote monitoring and control with a full motion MJPEG substream, providing smooth, high-quality video previews for efficient, real-time monitoring of your AV system.
  • STILL Standard PoE: The entire 5 series will still run on standard PoE, just like the 4000 series.  That’s a very unique and costly difference between Visionary and the other products on the market!

Visionary’s new 5 Series is designed to meet the ever-growing demands of the professional AV market. The 5 Series offers best-in-class performance, reliability and flexibility, making them the perfect solution for various applications, from conference rooms and huddle spaces to large-scale video distribution and digital signage. Packed with new features and built on Visionary’s legacy of innovation, the 5 Series redefines the future of professional AV solutions. Visionary’s 5 Series will complement the current lineup of PacketAV™ Matrix 4 Series endpoints, which continue to garner immense success with many unique installations and monumental projects.

We Named the Chicken!

You did it! After almost 400 official entries, you picked the name of a chicken talking into a microphone. Some people have simply used the phrase “industry titan” when referring to it, but thanks to Erik Saari, we will now call him/her “Chick-OneTwo.” Thank you, Erik! If you would like to see the official unveiling of the new name, please go here, "Name Our Chicken" Reveal - Special Episode of Flip the Scrip! - YouTube

To all of you who participated or just laughed at our nonsense, thank you.  To those who pretended to be above our childish behavior, we know you were watching...

Fun Fact #506

The Farm is VERY close to unleashing our showroom in Newark, CA, on the world. You’ll remember it in the same way you remember accidentally walking in on your parents.  Ugh.

cavlo – The Festivus of Trade Shows!

Are you going to be in Las Vegas on May 3rd and 4th?  If so, come to the trade show for the rest of us! Cavlo! It will be held at The Orleans Hotel in LV! cavlo is a trade-only event focused on commercial entertainment and communication technologies that puts manufacturers, specifiers, integrators/operators and end users together under one roof. 

Our Farmers will be in full-effect representing Audio-Technica, Draper, Digital Projection. Stop by and say hi!

As a regional show, cavlo attendees enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, more one-on-one time with exhibitors and a dramatically lower cost of attendance: there is no admission for qualified end users, local hotel discounts available for those staying overnight and easy access, as every cavlo event is located near a major airport and highways. Cavlo attendees enjoy Discussion Panels, behind-the-scenes Tech Tours, educational sessions and prize giveaways -- all for free!

Will you be attending InfoComm? LET US KNOW HERE!

We know, it’s Orlando. You don’t like Orlando because of the heat, or the smell, or the wet…but hey, it’s better than, well…something! So, let’s make sure you and your favorite Farmer(s) see each other. If you haven’t heard from us about a meeting at the show, please call and yell at us. Heck, even if you HAVE heard from us, call and yell.

WAN, Bam, Thank you Ma’am

As if the FarmAssist team hasn’t done enough for the world with our programming, sales engineering, commissioning, etc, now we (see VSI article above) ARE saving lives.  Maybe. With FarmWAN!

FarmWAN is a Q-SYS plugin that provides Q-SYS programmers the ability to trigger operations based on weather activity for a given location. 

FarmWAN scans the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather database every minute for active alerts that apply to the provided coordinates and compares the parameters of the alert to the configuration to determine if an alert should be triggered.

Applications for FarmWAN include weather-based notifications for touch panels/digital signage and the automation of an AV system based on emergency weather events. Paired with FarmTTS Text-to-Speech plugin, FarmWAN can provide audible weather alert notifications – ideal for emergency public safety services (fire stations, EMTs, police departments), schools, hospitals and more. 

As one of the original Q-SYS Development Partner Program members, our FarmAssist team will be more and more active with Q-SYS plug-in creation. If you have a product that should be included in that development, please reach out to our Andrew Stanley and his team!

Fun Fact #31

The Farm has more employees under the age 30 than over the age 50.  That really doesn’t mean anything other than a bunch of us don’t get up to pee in the middle of the night.


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