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ListenEVERYWHERE Updates

   As the envy of all WiFi listening solutions, ListenEVERYWHERE has provided high quality, low latency audio through wireless devices for a few years.  In addition to those qualities and the flexibility of using ListenEVERYWHERE on YOUR network, the customization of the app has made it a unique tool.  Customers can brand the app, create ads, publish events, and add credentials for certain channels.

  Listen has now made firmware, cloud service, and mobile app updates to make it even better!  The latest firmware is available when you log in to your cloud service account.  Once in the cloud service account you will see how Listen has simplified the creation and upload process for app content.   When adding a channel, it’s now even simpler to add the logo, artwork, and text for that channel!

Haven’t seen or heard ListenEVERYWHERE?  Call your Farm rep today to get a demo!

Farm Fun Fact #459

The 49ers and Seahawks fans are literally finding their only 2021 season solace in the other teams’ abject failures.

Stem Continues to Branch Out

  The Stem Ecosystem from Shure continues to grow, this time with the new Stem Speaker and Stem Hub Express!

  The Stem Speaker is uniquely designed to allow for ceiling, wall, or table mounting, giving the user the flexibility to place the sound exactly where they want it.  These PoE+ speakers include an LED light ring for status indication, as well as the option to use the volume up/down controls on the speaker or Stem Control Touch Controller for level control.

 For clients who don’t need Dante audio, but still want to take advantage of the flexibility of the Stem Ecosystem, Shure has introduced the Stem Hub Express.  The Hub Express is the brain of the Stem Ecosystem and allows users to connect up to 10 audio devices in one room.  Like all Stem solutions, the Hub Express connects via PoE+, and has options for USB-B, VoIP, and pluggable terminal block connections for just about any type of audio communication.

  If you haven’t seen the Stem Ecosystem yet and would like a demo, contact your NorCal Farm rep today!

Stock much?  Sometimes


  Is 55” display or 10,000+ lumen projector holding up a job?  Call your Farm rep today!

Need a 65”-98” display?  Call your Farm rep today!

Farm Fun Fact #800

In lieu of shipping product, The Farm will be donating a stray puppy to each customer until further notice.

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I recently had a chat with a colleague who took a sales job at a big, big company.  We were chatting about why, after only 60 days, he was…

Bigger pandemic winner?

Last month, 66.7% of our voters do NOT remember phone numbers…”for a good time call…867-5309″!