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  The Farm beats the trade deadline and acquires Digital Projection for 2, second round picks and a closer  –  Free Philips bobble heads for the first 4k fans next home game –  Lineup additions for the 2nd half of the season –  Shure silences the crowd with a 10 run inning – 

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Digital Projection Is Saddled Up!

   Effective today, the Farm AV will begin representation of Digital Projection in Northern California, the Pacific Northwest, Western Idaho, Western Montana, Hawaii, and Alaska!

  Digital Projection manufactures and distributes an extensive line of ultra-high-performance 3-chip and single-chip DLP® projectors, along with Radiance LED – direct-view, fine-pitch LED displays. These products are the reference standard for demanding applications including large-venues, live-event staging, Fortune 5000, education, medical & scientific research, command & control, digital cinema, commercial entertainment, digital signage, houses of worship, and elite home cinema.

  “Digital Projection took a chance with The Farm 20 years ago and brought us into the world of high-end projection,” says CEO of The Farm AV, John Hood. “A lot has changed with both companies since then and we are much better prepared to serve Digital Projection the way they deserve today.”

  “Digital Projection and The Farm go way back,” says Vice President of Sales, Chuck Colling. “We were impressed with John and his crew back then, and we are even more impressed now. We are proud and excited to be partnered with a rep that has the depth of resources The Farm provides their dealers and manufacturers.”

  Please contact your Farm rep today to learn more about the DPI Satellite projection system, the massive price reduction on the iconic Titan series, and more!


Farm Fun Fact #730

In yet another example of supply chain troubles, Ben Shemuel’s son has stopped hugging him due to his affection being “backordered indefinitely.”

Money on the Proverbial Table

   Please tell me that you’ve collected your Philips spiffs.  Please.  Tell me that you didn’t sell a Philips commercial display that was in stock, at an affordable price, with the best warranty in the industry, in virtually every size option, in 4K, with SOC, has a gov/ed discount, and didn’t collect the money you earned.  

  Ugh, I’m sad AT you.  Well, now the least you can do is go to and register for the money.  Your money.  Sheesh.

 The Farm is super excited to announce the newest (best?) member of our FarmAssist Team, Johnny Tieman!  Who is he?  Where did this ninja programmer come from?

  Born in 1990 to two CDC Prison Guards Johnny led an uneventful life until in 1997, when he put on a karate uniform following in his father’s footsteps.

  During this time of intense 7 year old focus and training, his father opened his own dojo to practice a variant of Kenpo, starting the Asura Ryu karate system, Johnny at 11 years old was put to work in the new dojo, learning an array of teaching skills that has followed him through his life. In 2003, Johnny picked up his first guitar, finding a deep love for the creation and production of music. In 2012, seeking to further his knowledge in all things sonic, Johnny enrolled in ARC’s recording arts program. From 2012 to 2020 Johnny would learn from the live music, telecommunications, project management industries- and in 2021, after returning from a two year excursion to the Alaskan wilderness of Anchorage and at the suggestion of his best friend George Seruset- he applied to work for The Farm and began his deep quest into the strangely familiar world of A/V.


Farm Fun Fact #295

In what he calls a hard life lesson, John Hood suggests that if you receive a mysterious email while in your mid-50’s stating that you’ve been traded to the San Francisco Giants you SHOULD NOT call the widow of your high school baseball coach and yell “I told him I’d make it.  Eat that, Gwen!”

Mute N’Sync 

   No, we don’t want you to turn off your JT and the boys!  We want you to mute the Zoom call with the touch of a button!

  The new Shure A400MB Microflex Mute Button allows for intuitive local or remote mute functionality for MX395 Low Profile Boundary and MX405/410/415 Modular Gooseneck Microphones.

  The touch sensitive mute button accessory features onboard programmable switches to configure logic settings, LED, and mute behavior. The A400MB also supports mute sync with Microsoft Teams and Zoom when used with Shure ANI4IN-BLOCK and ANI22-BLOCK Audio Network Interfaces, or IntelliMix® P300 DSP.  It will start shipping in the next two weeks.  Call your Farm rep for pricing today!

I was asked the other day to go "commission" a system that involved over a dozen wireless mics. It was a great customer, and he just wanted to make sure…

Does listening to an audio book count as reading?

Last month, 64.7% of our voters say they pronounce it "COO-pon". …eesh. Thanks for voting!