The Farm Newsletter | FarmFresh | October 2020

Shure with yet another walk off! Salamander has a new "set up" man! – Taking one for the team, Philips shows true grit – Barco‘s ClickShare is sporting a new jersey – Fun with The Farm – A Fowl Poll –

Shure Speak(er)s Teams!

    Is it JUST a ceiling speaker?  Hmm, let’s see. 

  • Is it Dante-enabled?  Yes.  
  • AES67 compatible?  Yes.  
  • Software configurable?  Yes.  

  The Shure Microflex MXN5W-C is all of these things.   The 5.25” ceiling speaker is also PoE enabled, UL plenum rated, and blends subtly into drop ceiling environments.

  Additionally, the MXN5W-C provides high-quality speech reproduction for AV conferencing applications. Gone is the need for a separate amplifier or an outboard DSP, the PoE-powered MXN5 is the ideal loudspeaker solution when used as part of a Shure networked conferencing audio system.   That ecosystem delivers premium audio performance with unmatched ease of deployment, with the added confidence of Shure Audio Encryption and Dante Domain Manager compatibility.   

To see it and hear it, reach out to your NorCal/NV or Hawaii Farm representative today!


Farm Fun Fact #409

George Astin has been the on again, off again president of his swim club for the last 10 years, so forgive him for not considering this “the most important election of his life.”

The Table That Brought a Country Together

We may not know what the new conference room is going to look like.  But we sure know what the new conference room table is going to look like!

Introducing the Unifi series from Salamander Designs.  Customize Your Unifi™ Meeting Tables with wire management ports, easy connect flip-tops and interior accessories for a complete turnkey video conference solution.   We offer multiple shapes and sizes to accommodate spaces from 4 to 16 people.  Materials include a super durable table top surface, with a antimicrobial, soft-to-the-touch super matte, fingerprint-resistant surface finishes for enhanced aesthetics and protection.

Want to see more?  Want to get a virtual tour?  Contact your Farm rep today!

Philips Freight Deal!

  Did you just buy a 75”+ display and pay freight.  That hurts.  It probably cost a few bucks.

Buy a 75”+ Philips professional display between now and the end of the year, and you won’t pay anything for ground freight.  Seriously.  Yes, seriously!

Farm Fun Fact #54

Andrew Stanley’s effort to get Clubber Lang of Rocky III on the ballot for San Mateo County Water Commissioner has been met with mild opposition from local “chumps.”

Did you update your ClickShare CX?

One-Click to Join!

One-Click to Sync!

One-Click to Share!

In the John…

I Heart My Job

Most of you know how much I love my job. It’s hard, but very rewarding. I get to meet amazing people, find myself in meetings that…


LAST MONTHS FOWL POLL RESULT: In a closer than expected result, 66.7% of our voters believe that Everyone in America stops & sings along to "Kung Fu Fighting" when it comes on the radio. Thanks for voting!