The Farm AV Newsletter | Farm Fresh | July 2020

QSC learns from veteran pitcher, Jim Abbott Shure‘s new addition is bidding for Rookie of the Year considerations – Leader of their Division, Roland, adds yet another all around player to their all-star lineup – Our Skipper had a team meeting and it didn’t suck – Fun with The Farm –

Look Ma!  No Hands! 

  QSC has had a touch-less meeting control option for a few years now in UCI Viewer.  Simply put, the UCI you create in Designer can be built for your Windows or MAC.  But what if you don’t have UCI viewer on your computer, but you do have a phone?  Introducing Bring Your Own Control with a QR Code plugin that gives you instant and touch-less control on your smartphone!  

  Did we mention that this extra functionality and safeguard is included in the latest Designer software at no charge? 


Farm Fun Fact #752

John Hood was such a rebellious child that he once took wooden nickels AND got caught watching the paint dry on the same day.

The MXA710 Linear Array Microphone 

    This newest addition represents the next evolution in Shure array microphone technology, designed for high-quality audio capture in premium AV conferencing environments. The sleek, linear form factor of the MXA710 allows for placement virtually anywhere in a meeting space, including on a wall, around a display, ceiling, or into a conference room table. 

  Available in two lengths and three colors, the MXA710 includes proprietary Shure IntelliMix® DSP and Autofocus™ technology that provides all the processing needed for echo and noise-free conference audio. Contact us for more info or to schedule a demonstration! 

Optional Accessories

    The idea of a video scaler being used to stream an event? Funny. 

   The same box sending 4K to a video wall while sending 1080p to the live stream? LOL. That same box being $2995.00 retail? ROTFLMAO!

    The new Roland VC-100UHD has all of that and more. It’s that flexibility that gives it a home in fixed installation, livestreaming, and live events. 

    Additionally, the VC-100UHD allows for frame rates up to 240 Hz, USB 3.0 webcam output, HDR processing, and the embedding/de-embedding of digital audio from 12G-SDI and HDMI 2.0 inputs! Ask your Farm rep for more information and release dates!


Farm Fun Fact #963

Jacob Maxwell is known as an amazing programmer.  He’s also known as Prince Huggensheep of Fingerland in LARPing circles.

In the John…

I Went to a Meeting!

I went to a meeting. I went to a meeting. A meeting with people in it. In a room. Together. I went to a meeting. And we talked…

If you vanish, does the air have to be thin?

LAST MONTHS FOWL POLL RESULT: 56.7% of you did NOT know that ‘La Cucaracha’ was a song about a cockroach that couldn’t find his marijuana?