FarmFresh | The Farm Newsletter | August 2020

– Is is possible that Shure added ANOTHER pitch to it’s arsenal? Oh yes they did!  Leon‘s bid for the Triple Crown just got easier – Philips with yet another save – Fun with The Farm – A Fowl Poll –

Shure SLX-D(id) it! 

    Whether it’s a high-school theater production, corporate meeting, or a Sunday service, live events need to deliver flawless audio and require products that are straightforward to setup and use. Wireless microphones face additional challenges in today’s increasingly crowded RF environment. 

  To help address these needs, the SLX-D Digital Wireless System is the newest addition to the Shure digital wireless portfolio. The new offering is the digital replacement of the Company’s popular SLX system, complete with new mechanical designs, exceptional audio quality, more reliable RF performance, streamlined setup, and more.

  The multi-faceted SLX-D Digital Wireless System provides end users with greater channel count than SLX, smart rechargeable options, and simplified ease-of-use for moments that matter most – in the classroom, Houses of Worship, corporate facilities, the hospitality sector, local governments, and more. The new system is offered in single and dual channel options. Transmitters run on standard AA batteries or an optional lithium-ion rechargeable battery solution with a dual-docking charging station. SLX-D is a state-of-the-art system with several notable features and user-friendly benefits, including:

  • Reliable RF—with outstanding signal quality and digital modulation, SLX-D lets users navigate crowded environments with high spectral efficiency and dependable RF. The system enables operation of up to 32 channels per frequency band without worrying about dropouts or signal fades. 
  • Excellent Audio Quality—to ensure every performance, lecture, and speech is delivered flawlessly, SLX-D delivers crystal clear sound. With a wide dynamic range, it can handle a variety of inputs while preventing distortion – ultimately enabling clean, natural instrument and vocal sound. 
  • Ease of Use—knowing that personnel in various institutions and facilities need a simple and straightforward solution, SLX-D is equipped with Guided Frequency Setup and a Group Scan feature that lets users set up multiple channels more efficiently by assigning frequencies to all receivers automatically via ethernet connections. Even for a 30+ channel system, the entire Group Scan can be completed within a few seconds.

 “As we support customers in education, Houses of Worship, corporate facilities and theaters, we recognize the need for an easy-to-use digital wireless system with rock-solid RF performance that can scale as the needs of the venue or spectrum environment change,“ said Nick Wood, Senior Wireless Category Director at Shure. “With SLX-D, we can offer a solution that is both state-of-the-art and a great value.”

For more information or to schedule your future demo, please contact your NorCal/HI Farm rep today!


Farm Fun Fact #812

The Seattle Mariners have equal odds of winning this years’ World Series, next years’ Super Bowl AND the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in the upcoming movie “Tenet.”

Discover the Interactive FIT from Leon!

    Who said a high-end speaker manufacturer couldn’t help you hide your small AV devices?  Or provide you with a camera mount?  Or match an all-in-one solution perfectly with your choice of display?

 The Horizon Interactive FIT from Leon provides this high-fidelity audio, customizable storage and mounting in seamless design built for any commercial environment.

 They are available in two sizes, allowing for compatibility of up to 90” displays! Now your Q-Sys camera, your Visionary Solutions Decoder, and your Barco ClickShare can all hang out in your Leon speaker!  Call your Farm rep for more information!


Farm Fun Fact #555

It turns out David Lawrence’s dog is NOT a cat person.

Philips Uses the Internet

  If you are like a lot of people, you see 5-6 different “series” of products from each display manufacturer.  When do you use each series?  How can the manufacturers website help navigate between each one?  Ugh, help!

  Well, go to to make your problems go away.  You’re welcome.

In the John

Why I am optimistic…

Really. I’m serious. I am optimistic. I would invest in my industry right now. In fact, I am investing…

Which chocolate chip cookie is better? Hard or Soft?

LAST MONTHS FOWL POLL RESULT: In a close race, 56.5% of our voters believe the air DOES have to be thin for you to vanish. Thanks for voting!