FarmFresh • The Farm Newsletter • March, 2024
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The Guides of March! 

If you were expecting a newsletter with zero training suggestions this month, you’ve come to the wrong place! We are so full of training options that… you may learn too much. JKLOL, you’ll learn the perfect amount! So, let’s get started!

Let’s Get Loopy!
Get trained or re-trained on the Ampetronic Hearing Loop solutions through Listen Technologies. We will have multiple training resources from both companies at our Newark, CA Farmhouse on Thursday, March 14th. Receive Loopworks design training, hearing loop principles, design, and installation education. And CTS Rus (woo!) Oh, and a happy hour after! Email your Farm rep or to get your spot now!

Fun Fact #862

Jesse Richmond has swallowed every piece of gum he’s been given since he was 6 years old JUST so he can say “I’m a dummy with a gummy tummy.” Yeah, it’s weird.

More CTS RUs! Draper and CTS Continuing Ed

Draper wants you to buy your favorite large format display solution, be it DvLED, projection, or tiled LCD. They also want to make sure that you understand the value of correct structure and mounting solutions. In their LED Support Structures class, you’ll…

  • Compare LED, LCD, and projection technologies

  • Review pixel pitch, viewing distances and other factors when evaluating LED display systems

  • Evaluate adjustment capabilities, and wall, floor, and ceiling attachment details when selecting an LED mounting system

They also offer a Projection Performance Basics class. At the end of this course, you will understand how the following areas impact projection screen selection:

  • Image Size and Aspect Ratio

  • Image Height AFF, Obstructions, etc.

  • Seating

  • Throw Distance

  • Lighting

  • Surface Selection

  • Calculating for System Brightness & Contrast

Almost Reached Our Austin Limit!
Come down to the Q-SYS Experience Center in Austin, TX, while there are still seats available. On May 14 - 15th you can get your Q-SYS Level 2 certification and on May 16-17th you can get your Q-SYS Control 201 training! Or just sign up for one of them! We really don’t care! Just get signed up for crying out loud!


Seriously, it’s creepy. So creepy in fact, that Q-SYS is getting out of that bezel racket!  Introducing the new Acoustic Design zero bezel ceiling speakers! Feel free to refer to them as the ZB’s, we do.  

Does it include the same conical coverage pattern, or the Directivity Matched Transition® (DMT) waveguide, that the non-ZB models had? How about the Advanced Intrinsic Correction and magnetic snap-fit grille? YES to all of that!  

The new ZB’s are your go-to ceiling speaker! Now go!


The Farm is SO Plugged In!

Fun Fact #322

Andrew Stanley has no sense of smell.  On a related note, Andrew commonly microwaves fish.

The Farm Donates Gear and Expertise to Improve Your Tomorrow: 
The AV industry joined forces to donate not only gear, but installation, programming and commissioning to upgrade 'Improve Your Tomorrow's' Conference and Training Hub.


How should a Giraffe wear a neck tie?

Last month, in a very indecisive poll, a little over half of our voters say a straw only has one hole instead of two. We are very sorry to report about 7% of our voter's heads did indeed explode. RSVP.