FarmFresh • The Farm Newsletter • September, 2023
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 •  Beating the new shift rules with Q-SYS  •  Clubhouse rules for the FarmHouse  •  Setting new records for SAVed games, The FarmAssist team is on fire! •  Have Fun with The Farm  • "LET'S GO BEC-KA!" •   • A Fowl Poll • In The John  •

Two Cables Enter, One Cable Leaves!

Single cable solutions, am I right?  We talk about it like it’s been happening or like we were totally doing it before it was cool. But spoiler alert…you haven’t been doing it in public. 

To back up a little, let’s talk about “single cable solutions.” Fact is, I’m doing it right now at my desk.  One USB-C cable connecting my laptop to my Logi camera, Vizio display, AT2020USB mic, power, and built-in display speakers. Kind of cool, actually.  But now do that in a room with multiple displays, mics, speakers, and cameras. Oops. 

So, Now let’s usher in the Q-SYS NV-21-H, the latest solution in the NV series of video endpoints. At the table, this IS your HDMI connection, AV Bridge, and local power port. In one box. It’s also doing all of that work as a native Q-SYS software object. Configuration and routing is all done natively, integrating with the rest of the Q-SYS system!

The NV-21-HU will act as an encoder OR decoder to route video and audio anywhere in the system you’d like it and do so at 4K60 4:4:4. When used with an NV-32-H in Streaming Core Mode, though…the conference room JUST GOT INTERESTING! Want to see this demo set up at your office?  Connect with your Farm rep today!

Come to our Grand Opening on September 14 th from 2 – 6 PM!

Come to our Farmhouse Grand Opening! Cocktails and Food. Beer and music. Giveaways and Swag. Plus…a gala ribbon cutting! 

Join us Thursday, September 14th from 2-6 PM for the Grand Opening of our new Farmhouse Showroom! Our whole team will be there – and you’re welcome to bring yours! 

Fun Fact #959

The Farm’s first fantasy football league will lead to the worst trash-talking spectacle in history, as seen by the initial “Yer footballery is dum” text.

SAVe the Future: The Farm Earns SAVe Certification

The Farm team gathered at The Farmhouse Showroom in Newark, CA to get educated on Sustainability in AV. Our team spent the day spitting out ideas where we can actually make a difference. We could do more energy-conscious control programming. We could research and recommend ethical e-waste recyclers. We could use our skills to help people that may not be able to afford them. We were empowered. To read The Farm's entire SAVe Certification Plan, please visit our website here! 

Rebecca Hicks Named One of Commercial Integrator’s 40 Under 40 Influencers for 2023!

In her role as a field engineer and AV programmer, she builds, deploys, tests, and troubleshoots DSP/control programs to company standards and specifications outlined in SOW contracts. She also provides technical support, creates EASE models, Bill of Materials quotes, signal flow charts, and labor estimates for dealers. She's worked on projects for NBC Universal, Climate Pledge Arena, Snowflake, Gensler, DoorDash, Genentech and more. 

See the entire class of CI's 40 Under 40 here!

Fun Fact #333

The Farm’s Steve Kawasaki has made a name for himself in our industry over the years but is just as well known for his weekly podcast, “Let’s Talk Gravy”, where he reviews breakfast gravy’s and other thick sauces.

If you found $5,000 cash would you keep it?

Last month, 71% of our voters find their chicken tenders are more important than seeing a Messi goal. Extra crispy please. GOOOOOAL!