The Farm Newsletter | FarmFresh | January, 2023
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 The strong get stronger! The Farm makes an off-season move that will blow your mind  - Q-Sys opens up about their keys to a winning season  -  Fun with The Farm  -  A Fowl Poll  - In the John -


More Farmers!!

Wait, there’s more of us? More than yesterday? YES! The Rooster Roster is growing! We keep adding the best of the best!


Pat Birch joins us in Southern California and Arizona. Birch comes to The Farm with over 20 years of experience in the professional AV market holding sales and management positions with dealers, integrators, and manufacturers – most recently as the western regional sales manager for Kramer Electronics. Birch will be partnering with Matthew Jensen to support customers throughout the Southwest and SoCal.


Don Heisler hails from Salt Lake City-based manufacturer rep firm, Signal Marketing. During the three decades he worked for Signal Marketing, Heisler did everything from customer service and technical support to inside and outside sales for a variety of pro AV manufacturers, including Audio-Technica, Visionary Solutions and Juice Goose. Heisler will be joining Dana Nickel in the Rockies and Southwest territories.


They are officially on board and have already co-written seven songs about how The Farm has changed their lives.


Break Out the Prickly Pear Cactus Margaritas and Hatch Chili Salsa!

Effective January 1, we’re headin’ to the Southwest territory with Audio-Technica, Denon Pro, Draper, Juice Goose, Leon Speakers and Visionary Solutions. 


Who’s excited? We are, we are! Tell your friends. Tell your cousins. Tell your grandparents. Download the new January 1, 2023 territory map here.


Farm Fun Fact #52

George Astin posts a beef cut identification chart on his Tinder profile. No meat means no meet.


Q-SYS Licenses – Frequently Asked FAQ’s

As you know, the last few years have brought several software licenses from Q-SYS. These licenses have given users the ability to add multiple features and functions to existing hardware, without requiring new equipment. The beauty of Q-SYS, right?

There are two types of licenses, a scaling license, and a feature license. Scaling licenses have been created to add processing to an existing Core product. In other words, scaling up the processing of the Core. Feature licenses were designed to add a specific feature to a product. Most of the feature licenses are specific to a Core, but you’ll notice that they become available to peripherals as well. The first example is the Q-SYS AV Bridging License that adds a full AV bridge to the USB-C port on the TSC-70-G3 or TSC-101-G3. So cool!


For further assistance, please look at this document. It will continue to be updated, so be sure to talk to your Farm rep for the latest version or if you have any questions about any Q-SYS licenses!


Farm Fun Fact #617

2023 will be the first year Pat Birch identifies as a Farmer. He has requested that his pronouns be hee/haw.


The Farm Resolutions, 2023 Edition

This time we mean it. No messing around here. These are legal and binding New Year’s Resolutions and they will be upheld, executed, and adjudicated to the full extent of the law.


Is taking a nap anytime after 7pm just sleeping?

Last month, 61% of our voters believe it's not Christmas until there's Egg Nog. What exactly is Nog anyway? Happy New Year! Thanks for voting 🙂