The Farm Newsletter | FarmFresh | November, 2022
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 Our lead-off man is better than yours! Visionary revolutionizes the position  -  AT is heating up in the post season  -  The Farm's AAA team just won it all!  -  Fun with The Farm  -  A Fowl Poll  -  In the John -


Visionary Networked AV is Pretty Cool

 And not just cool because they dress super hip, but because they actually have AV-over-IP product in stock. And it works. And it’s designed and built by real people in Santa Barbara, CA who are super cool and smart.

 We’re going to take the high(er) road than Aurora did with Crestron – okay maybe not, but we do have AV-over-IP encoders and decoders in stock. So, if you’re looking for an alternative to Crestron’s NVX series, check out why we think Visionary Networked AV is pretty cool:

  • They invented AV-over-IP. Okay not really, but they did introduce the very first Video-over-IP product in 2002 – the MPEG2 Encoder. They were the OGs in pioneering media content transport over IP.

  • Direct access to engineering. Have an idea on how to make our products better? Need a new feature? Just give ‘em a call and they’ll get you hooked up with direct access to the engineers designing and building the products.

  • Their encoders are used by NASA. Yeah, that NASA. Their encoders were selected by NASA for deployment on the International Space Station. Visionary’s encoders literally went into space in 2014 and are STILL performing (in freakin’ space!) today – outlasting the cameras they were originally paired with, which have been replaced. 

  • They work well with others. Visionary products are designed and engineered to work with a broad range of other leading video and audio products – no proprietary I/Os or equipment needed.

  • Their stuff is easy to use. I can use it (and I’m in marketing). That says a lot. The user interface is incredibly simple, intuitive and can be up and running in minutes.

  • Their people are good people. This means a lot – now more than ever. With companies getting gobbled up by venture capitalists and private equity firms, it’s just nice to deal with a private company that actually cares about its people, its products and its customers. 

Do you need to know more?  Of course you do!  Join The Farm’s David Lawrence and Visionary’s Lewis Eig on Wednesday, 11/9, at 9:00 am for a look at how their products are being used in the hospitality market AND how that can translate to work you do!  Sign up below.  Seriously, click the link.  Right now!


Farm Fun Fact #555

The Farm almost has enough employees to play that dogfight football game from Top Gun II.  But with shirts on.  And more resting.  And not as much football.


Audio-Technica and Enterprise Wireless

 Wait, wait, wait…A-T doesn’t make a DECT band wireless solution with the flexibility to provide transmitters from handhelds to goosenecks to boundary mics?  And certainly not transporting over Dante.  Oh, and you can forget about a roaming function that lets you walk between access points.  

Introducing the Engineered Sound Wireless systems from Audio-Technica.  

Want to see them?  Want to hear them?   Contact your Farm rep today to schedule a demo!


FA Devving – It’s a Thing

Those of you who know us well at The Farm, know we have a lot of good days.  And any day we can improve ourselves as a partner for our customers and manufacturers is a great day.   Well guess what we did today?

 The Farm AV FarmAssist technical services team developed FarmTTS, a text-to-speech plugin using Google DeepMind AI, for the Q-SYS cloud audio, video and control platform. 

 The converted text can either be entered during the programming phase and triggered for conversion in runtime (fixed announcements), or the text string can be dynamically generated and converted as a dynamic announcement. Using Google’s DeepMind AI technology, the FarmTTS plugin configuration provides users with the ability to select between several different male or female voices, adjust the speed and alter the pitch. 

 “The FarmAssist team is always challenging themselves to try something new – something that nobody else is doing,” explains VP of Services at The Farm, Andrew Stanley. “We’re a humble team so we usually don’t make a big fuss about our solutions but this one was way too much fun not to share – and it serves a purpose.” 

 Applications include conference room greetings, emergency evacuation announcements, courtesy announcements, transportation arrival/departure announcements, audible status reports and more. 

 FarmTSS alleviates the need to record, edit, upload, and maintain audio clips to the Q-SYS Core makes this plugin worth the effort. Users simply drop the plugin into designs from the Asset Manager in Q-SYS Designer or download the plugin our website. 


Farm Fun Fact #49

We at The Farm would do almost anything to bring our regions together in the same way that the vitriol for Russell Wilson has.


My Friend Jim

    I was a dog food palletizer. I was good at it. Stacked up dog food on the pallets and wrapped it up in shrink wrap. Put the heavy stuff on the bottom, light on the top.


Last month, 86.7%% of our voters agree that Person A who forgot to lock the door is more at fault of the awkward "sitting session". Thanks for voting. Pass the TP.