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Listen and Learn!

So, there’s this law.  It was passed in 1990 and it’s called the Americans with Disabilities Act.  And it is comprehensive.  Like super comprehensive.  It includes all types of accessibility requirements like hallway width and sink height, and lots of other things.  Part of it is specific to Assistive Listening.  

Since then, a number of venues have purchased standard FM systems to “meet the requirement.”  Others have ignored it, even in the face of more stringent individual state policies.   These days it seems that there are a lot of out of compliance spaces AND new technologies that would make compliance easy and…well, cool.

In two weeks, Listen’s Western Regional Sales Manager, Mikey Shaffer, and The Farm’s David Lawrence, will host a morning webinar to share some of those new technologies, how they fit in the growing corporate space, and what problems they solve for interpretation, tours, and basic ALS needs.

How can you increase ADA-compliance, be profitable, and help solve problems?  Join us on Wednesday, September 14th at 9:00 am PDT to find out!


Farm Fun Fact #744

In what will surely be news to him, the role of NorCal Regional Service Manager for FarmAssist was determined by whom Rebecca Hicks could knock out cold with one punch.  Congratulations George Seruset!

Gateway to the Future!  

“Oh no!  I just found out that my Dante thingy isn’t going to ship this month or next, what do I do?”  

Yeah, you’ve said or heard that this summer.  You know you have.  It has indeed been a problem for all of us.  How in the heck are we supposed to get networked audio moved around…the network?

It turns out those “video guys” at Visionary have been building an Audio Gateway product to solve the problem.  

The Audio Gateway is actually custom software.  Implemented on commodity hardware, in this case an Intel NUC provided by VSI, it will receive audio RTP streams from any Visionary encoder and convert them to true AES67 audio streams.  You read that right!  It’s like AES67 fairy dust!  

Oh, and it is NOT contingent on using previously required chips, so they are not relying on that company’s ability to ship chips in order to build this device. 

The Audio Gateway will be available in the 4th Quarter of this year in three different options, a 32-channel, a 64-channel, and a 96-channel.

October is gonna be lit! 

My kids still say “lit”.  Like I’m supposed to know when something is or isn’t “lit”.  Well, I told them what is happening at The Farm in October, and they said, “You slay.  That’s so lit.”  Well, they didn’t actually say that, but you will.

AV Furniture meets Online Configurators

If you’ve never designed a custom cabinet for a high-end client with your computer mouse, then have you really lived?


Farm Fun Fact #91

Chris Wehba is playing seven different Labor Day music festivals, sending out 29 quotes, making his mother dinner, going out on 3 dates, AND helping his neighbor find her cat, all on Friday evening.

Mommy and Daddy Still Love Each Other
  When I sign a contract with a supplier it’s a marriage. We’ve generally known each other for a very long time. We run into one another at parties and events. Then there is that spark. It is undeniable…

What is the appropriate age to crush your kid’s dreams?

Last month, 75% of our voters agree that a wobbly restaurant table is the most frustrating thing in the world. “Check please”!