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FarmAssist – A Dose of AV Medicine

   By now you’ve seen the name FarmAssist multiple times.  We have it on our website, we promote it when sending out quotes, we even started making FarmAssist swag.   As you read this, there are multiple FarmAssist team members on a job site at a major company doing work for a major integrator.

What is that work? Well, FarmAssist is a technical service provider for you and your customers. We are the ones doing the work for the company with the logo. Whether it’s DSP programming,  commissioning, UCI creation, it’s the difficult resource-intensive work that is required to make a customer happy. The team shows up, does the job, and quietly leaves behind the magic of a functioning system.

We keep you up to date with these projects by showing you Tiny Case Studies on our website.  There is no name dropping or pandering, we simply show you what the FarmAssist team can do and has done.   Our Tiny Case Studies are a wonderful tool for you to use when wondering when you are going to use FarmAssist.  So go to the website and read a Tiny Case Study.  It won’t take long, it’s tiny.  Then call us.

Farm Fun Fact #824

Jimmy G is the Matt Leinhart of JaMarcus Russell’s

QSC Sales Manager is in Demand

Dale Sandberg has been the QSC Regional Sales Manager in the PNW for less than a year.  That didn’t stop QSC from saying, “We’ve seen enough!”.   That’s right, “enough” to add NorCal, NorNevada, and Hawaii to his territory.  Now Dale is working with The Farm throughout our regions.  And we couldn’t be happier.

“After ten years at Harman, and another eleven years doing product development at QSC I joined the Sales team and have been having a blast working with end customers and dealers helping them find the right product for the application,” Sandberg said.  “I am so excited to now be working with the entire Farm AV organization.  Their knowledge of the Q-Sys platform, and vast experience in the commercial AV technology space is exceptional.

I can’t wait to spend time with the bright minds of the NorCal commercial AV industry with the Farm team!”

Stay tuned for a chance to meet Dale in the next few months.  He’ll probably bring snacks.

Have you Activated?

Roland Is So Lit

Events and shows are coming back, right?  So, the experience should too!  Dynamic lighting elevates the energy and excitement of any interactive event, from corporate events to concerts.  

With the VC-1-DMX Video Lighting Converter, it’s never been easier to bring the impact of a pro light show to any event you put on without the need for a lighting operator!

The VC-1-DMX automatically generates control commands for your DMX lighting setup based on input from video and audio sources. Color and brightness change based on the current video image, and lights and mirror balls operate in sync with the music tempo.   Take a look!

Farm Fun Fact #58

Farm COO Tom Mattley has single handedly changed the financial future of the company.  We are especially excited about the new payroll service,  Thanks Tom!

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I have sat through my share of keynote speeches and presentations.  They usually begin with the speaker laying out his or her unique qualifications or expertise in the particular subject matter at hand.  So here we go….

You are stranded on an island with where it just so happens there is a jukebox with unlimited plays…just go with it. Which artist are you stuck with?

Last month, 39.4% of our readers haven’t seen any more than 5 episodes of the Golden Girls…meanwhile 21.2% have seen every episode at least twice… looks like we know who’s getting Christmas cards this year! Thank you for being a friend!…and thanks for voting!