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Vegas Resorts to the Best From VSI and QSC

   You’ve heard your Farm rep talk for a few years now about the interoperability and scalability of many of our factory partner products. Because we talk about it A LOT. Now we get to show you a major example of what that means, Vegas-style.

  Resorts World Las Vegas, a brand, new multi-branded facility featuring over 3500 guest rooms, over 40 restaurants and bars, a 5000-person theater, and a two-story retail promenade, has gone full Farm! They have built an AV network system that includes over 2,000 Visionary Solutions PacketAV endpoints AND over 2,000 QLAN audio channels. 2,000!!!

  As one of, if not, the largest network AV-over-IP installations ever, the owners had many design, implementation, and performance variables to consider. Please take 8 minutes to watch this video and learn about their journey to the VSI/QSC audio, video and control solution. (Then call your Farm rep to talk about the gazillion other ways to marry our products together)

Farm Fun Fact #378

George Astin recently wore a “Save Britney” shirt to a Sierra Club event. (I’ll wait)

BT7885: A Storage Story

  Yes, we get it. BT7885 sounds like the name of a droid that was sold on Tatooine to a group of Jawas. But let’s be honest, a Jawa was just going to dismantle it and sell it for parts. Classic Jawa move. Wait, where was I?



  Oh, the BT7885. B-Tech is so smart that they introduced a flat-panel wall mount with a pull-down storage tray for secure access to small equipment behind the display. Having already introduced a slide- out storage tray option, they now have a solution to access display equipment that is higher off the ground, such as pole mounted installations. 

  Both solutions can work with virtually any 49-86” display and feature a quick release interface plate that allows AV equipment to be easily added or removed from the install without needing to remove the display first! Don’t take our word for it, take a look at this!

Ask Anyway

  Availability. Ugh. Yeah, it sucks. To make matters worse, rumors or misunderstandings start to float into the market based on incomplete information. For instance, maybe a manufacturer doesn’t have one type of product. That doesn’t mean they are out of every other product they make. Additionally, not every manufacturer is out of this one gadget. Maybe most are, but not all. 

  Bottom line is, just ask. We might disappoint you, we might not. But asking is the only way to be sure. Besides, we love to hear from you.

Farm Fun Fact #33

At any given moment Robin Carrillo is wearing 4-6 Bluetooth earpieces.

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I recently wrote a piece regarding TaaS, or “Toilet as a Service”. The point I was trying to make is that most of the people that use AV in their work consider it a…

Do you remember phone numbers anymore?

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