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Shure Launches the Stem Ecosystem

  Better audio doesn’t have to be complicated. As meetings continue to evolve in today’s hydridworkforce, the desire for a complete AV conferencing solution that sounds great and is user-friendly hasnever been in more demand.

 For that reason, Shure has launched the Stem Ecosystem!  With Stem Ecosystem solutions, anyone has the freedom to mix and match devices to create the perfect pickup in any collaboration space.  Since Stem Ecosystem products were designed for anyone and any room, customers can easily design, install, and manage their meeting rooms.  Plus, the devices are backed by a robust platform full of tools designed to make the process of adopting new technology effortless.

 Together with the market-leading position of the Mixroflex Ecosystem, the Shure Stem Ecosystem solutions offer customers a choice of complete audio systems for a best-in-class experience for any meeting without compromising on performance or ease of deployment.

 Stem Ecosystem solutions include wall and table speakerphones, along with a ceiling microphone that blends into any room and syncs with networked loudspeakers, as well as dedicated control systems for a complete audio package.

Want a demo?  We have them!  Want pricing?  Just ask!


Farm Fun Fact #957

Infocomm will be held in Orlando in October.  You can start preparing now by walking through your local carwash over and over.

Roland Gives You Another Look

 We are so excited to introduce the newest product from Roland, the P-20HD video replay solution!

 Until now, creating slow-motion instant replays in live sports productions has required an arsenal of complicated and expensive gear—and the knowledge to run it all. 

Roland’s P-20HD changes all that, providing an affordable and easy-to-use solution that lets you bring pro replay capabilities to any production setup. Offering seamless integration with most Roland A/V switchers and HDMI camcorders and cameras, the P-20HD transforms everyday sports video productions into edge-of-seat fan experiences.

  • Slow-motion instant replay and variable speed playback 
  • Integrated color LCD for preview monitoring 
  • Intuitive controls for single-operator sports production 
  • Capture long events to low cost and widely available SD cards 
  • Simultaneous recording and playback 
  • Compact, portable, and reliable hardware design 
  • Clip playlist builder for creating highlight reels
  • For school sports, esports, and sports training


Farm Fun Fact #630

George Astin takes a shot for every birdie he gets on the golf course.  Sober 12 years.

Movie Nerds!

  I’ll bet you didn’t know QSC is the world’s only major manufacturer of complete cinema solutions.  That’s right!  Starting in 1985, QSC has been designing and building processing, amplification, and loudspeaker products with the total system in mind. The result is a complete solution optimized for performance in any room, on any budget, and an unprecedented level of built-in integration under a single brand name: QSC.  Our finished systems save setup time and cost, maximize user control, and deliver the best possible audio experience.

 Now those audio systems are required for cinema-like presentation in multi-purpose/multi-use venues.  Think of higher ed, corporate, theme parks, museums, performance venues, and many other environments. 
 Many, if not most, Q-Sys dealers are already installing presentation and multimedia solutions in these spaces.  Now, under that same umbrella they can add cinema products!

 But amazing Farm writer-guy, how do I learn about these incredible QSC cinema products?  Good question!  Start by taking advantage of the already famous QSC training portal and go through the Cinema 101 Class!

 For even more information, call your Farm rep!

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