Farm News – November, 2019

– Now batting 1st in the Line-up, Listen Technologies QSC & Attero Tech, The Leagues brightest Dynamic Duo  – Shure is at the Podium and taking Questions – Fun with The Farm! – A Fowl Poll


ListenTalk or Listen, listen…

If you haven’t seen nor heard the ListenTalk solution from Listen Technologies, A) We are sorry, and B) You really should. ListenTalk is a 2-way communication system that can be used for tours, production, interpretation, and assistive listening. Why did we list “assistive listening” last?  Well, because it’s a ton of different things AND the most flexible ALS product available.  And now you can get this “swiss-army knife” in a RECEIVER-only option.  In fact, we’ve even created an ADA-kit with a transceiver + receivers configuration.  The LKS-8-A1 is one of a few different configurations Listen has built to satisfy your ADA requirements while providing a USABLE communication system.  Don’t see your preferred configuration on the Listen Technologies website?  Call us and we will help you configure your own!

Oh, and Listen’s own Carrie Keele had a few things to say to AVNetwork about ADA compliance in stadiums and arenas…

QSC = Atterotech (Really!)

Hey QSC Systems dealers!  Would you like to be an Atterotech dealer as well? Okay, done.  With the acquisition of Atterotech, all QSC Systems dealers now have access to the entire line of Atterotech products!

No paperwork required!  Want updated pricing?  Want a demo?  Want left over Halloween candy?  Call your Farm rep today!


Farm Fun Fact


The FARM is NOT an acronym for Failing At Representing Manufacturers, so whoever made those T-shirts should expect a letter from our lawyer.

Attention Shure Dealers!

In an effort to provide new and exciting sales tools for you and your staff, we have created the following survey to help us determine what you are looking for in product trainings.  Your feedback is especially important as you are on the frontlines and with this survey, you can help us to create trainings that will help you help your customers.
Please click the link below to complete the survey and help us gain this valuable information.  The survey will take less than 5 minutes to complete.
We ask that you please complete this survey as soon as possible as we are looking to close out the survey next Friday, 11/8.

Farm Fun Fact


It’s Movember, so if you see John Hood this month, don’t offer him money. Just because he stopped shaving doesn’t mean he *still* lives in his car.


The winner of last month’s poll: "What is the BEST way to cut a PB & J?" was Eat it WHOLE like a savage with 66.7% of the vote.