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The Farm Just Got Better Signal Strength!

    We are proud to announce that effective January 1, 2023, we have acquired Rocky Mountain and Arizona-based AV manufacturer rep firm, Signal Marketing. Since 1987, Signal Marketing has provided a trusted connection between leading brands of audio, video, and musical products and dealers in the Rockies and Desert Southwest.

     The Farm team is excited to continue and build on those relationships.  Signal CEO, Steve Trump, who is now ready to enjoy retirement, said, “The more I hear about how The Farm operates as a rep firm – and all of the additional services they offer – the more I believe this merger offers the best chance of continuing the 35-year legacy of Signal Marketing.”

    With this acquisition will come a few great things. First, Don Heisler will transition to The Farm from Signal.  He has spent 23+ years with Steve and his team, and brings valuable knowledge of the area, personal relationships, and product expertise.

    Also joining us will be a few of our favorite brands!  We are excited to represent Audio-Technica, Visionary Solutions, Juice Goose, and Denon Professional in the Rocky Mountain States and Arizona!   

    Please join us in congratulating Steve Trump on a fantastic career in our little industry. We will do our very best to continue that 35-year legacy.


Farm Fun Fact #727

Dana Sanders Nickel has gotten out of 6 different speeding tickets by continuously beat boxing over the officer’s voice.


ATND1061 Ceiling Mic Array - 

the lawsuit-clear, one

    I didn’t know this, but Audio-Technica released the first affordable high-quality phono cartridge back in 1962. That’s like, way older than ABBA.

    Over the decades they’ve expanded the famous high-quality consumer products into the professional market.

    They now have a widely adopted line of professional microphones, headphones, wired and wireless systems, and electronic products designed and manufactured for commercial environments.

    At The Farm we’re most excited about the new ceiling array microphone – the ATND1061. There are a lot of beamforming celling mic arrays…yeah, we know that. 

So why the Audio-Technica ATND1061 Ceiling Mic Array?

  • The audio quality is and always will be highly respected. If they’re good enough for the GRAMMY® Awards and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies, they’re good enough for a conference space, training facility or classroom. 
  • The physical footprint is small. It offers a low-profile form factor – 8.98” x 8.98” x 1.19” – roughly the size of a wireless access point.

  • Its industrial design is versatile. Unlike other ceiling mic arrays on the market, it’s not limited to 2x2 drop-ceiling tiled spaces. Modern construction includes exposed, suspended, and acoustical ceilings just to name a few.

  • Mount it in, on or down. Slap that baby inside the ceiling tile, attach it to a solid wall or drop it from an open ceiling. Three mounting options include flush mount with plastic housing, surface mount and VESA pole mount. All hardware is included. 

  • Six individual output channels. These can collectively be configured with up to 32 user-defined microphone pickup zones. Plus, exclusion zones can be set to avoid sources of unwanted noise. 
  • Software = simple zone configuration. User-friendly Digital Microphone Manager software easily configures single or multiple microphone settings.
  • Exclusion zones can be set in the software. Avoid unwanted sources of noise including HVAC systems.

  • Voice activity detection technology. The mic discerns between voices and unwanted noise, such as paper shuffling.

  • Powerful onboard DSP. Automix, acoustic echo cancelation, noise reduction, automatic gain control, and 4-band EQ.

  • Audio-Technica isn’t getting sued and you probably won’t get arrested. Probably.


Draper is Getting Farmed!

 We are very excited to announce that effective January 1, 2023, The Farm will be representing Draper, Inc, throughout the West. Our focus will be their Audiovisual Solutions Products throughout the Rockies, PNW, California, Nevada, Hawaii and the Desert Southwest! 

     Founded in 1902 (also older than ABBA!), Draper began manufacturing projection screens in 1957. They now not only have as wide a screen solution portfolio as exists in the market, but they have an entire engineering team that has built a an entire mount and structure series for displays.Their strategic partnerships for DVLED products are a literal “who’s who” of industry leaders.  

    Beginning next month we will start highlighting some of their technical expertise in projection screen light rejection and acoustical transparency, as well as their approach to difficult mounting and screen concealment requirements.

    Yay for the Farm, and yay for Draper.  We can’t wait to spread the word!


Farm Fun Fact #598

If the Calm app was a person, it would be The Farm’s Jesse Richmond.  And you would be lying down to read this.


Why We Grow

    I suspect a lot of what I am about to tell you applies to the company you work for or own. Ambition is important but is rarely the primary driver of growth. I bet the owner of your company is surprised by its size. I bet they set out with a plan and ended up with another.


It's not Christmas unless there's Egg Nog!

Last month, 40% of our voters agree that Candy Corn is the absolute WORST "treat" you can get on Halloween. My teeth hurt.