The Farm Newsletter | FarmFresh | July, 2022

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The Highlights…without the Covid!

Here are some of the things you may have saw or may have missed in Las Vegas that you need to know!  If you would like to chat at length about any of these solutions, please reach out to your Farm rep today!

  A clean, custom solution for camera (and gear) concealment for dual displays is now an option with the Profile Interactive PI-CAM.

Soundbars that were built to fit YOUR DISPLAY and with YOUR FAVORITE CAMERA in mind are now available with the Tonecase TCFIT-U.

  A SPA amplifier that is networked!  The SPA-Q series amplifiers will start with a 2-channel and 4-channel model that include (2) FLEX ports! 

PoE speakers that come in a ceiling, pendant and soundbar option!  The NL Series Speakers are starting to ship now!

Networked microphone!  The NM-T1 microphone is a native Q-Sys tabletop array microphone designed for conference room systems.

The System X platform is not brand new, BUT it does offer the most intuitive, modular mounting solution for multi-display and DVLED walls on the market.

The configuration tool for System X is also the most comprehensive materials creation solution available.


Farm Fun Fact #515

Based upon no actual statistical analysis, there were more cases of Covid stemming from Infocomm than there were shipments of AV gear in June.

Next generation ceiling array microphones with the new MXA920 .  These new models are available in a square option as well as round options for flexibility and aesthetically demanding spaces.  Also new are the coverage options for the space, providing anything from out-of-the-box coverage to full-adjusted zone capture.

The new SR-20HD is a direct streaming AV mixer.  It combines your live event video layering, audio and video switching, recording AND direct streaming to your favorite platform…no PC required!

The revolutionary Satellite Modular Laser System does something no other projection system does.  It allows users to put the light engine, along with it’s bulk, noise, and power, in a rack, away from the actual projection head.

  We are so happy to introduce the newest member of our team, Kelly Perkins.  Yes, that Kelly Perkins.  She has taken the new role of Director of Marketing, and we couldn’t be happier.   We have been lucky over the last few years as Kelly provided consultative marketing support to The Farm, but to land her talent and team-approach to our group is humbling.

 Kelly will be driving marketing strategy for the Farm AV, RepDonkey and whatever other endeavors John Hood cooks up. She’s worked with manufacturers, integrators, rep firms, and consultants. Basically, most of the AV industry. She’s 35% British and has a mind like a scientist.


Farm Fun Fact #40

The Farm’s Kelly Perkins is a beloved marketing professional in the commercial AV world.  She is equally adored in her previous industry, puppy smothering.

The Universal Designated Hitter Caused the Supply Chain Crisis
  When I sat down to pen this essay, I realized that many of you in AV might not be familiar with…


Last month, 62% of our voters believe Han Solo is the better pilot in comparison to Maverick or Ted Striker. May the force be with you, my friends.