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QSC adds to their power hitters with the acquisition of Dante off waivers Roland Pro AV has a new Club House Manager – The Farm AV looks to put in extra time during the off season – Practice Your swing in Your sweatpants on Your couch – – Shure‘s Closer makes a day of it – Fun with The Farm – A Fowl Poll –

QSC Systems Releases Q-Sys Designer v8.3.1

  The Q-SYS Ecosystem now provides software-based DanteTM network audio integration without the need for additional hardware.

  The capabilities of software-based Dante are similar to the CDN64 Dante Audio Bridge Card, except that the sample rate is fixed at 48 kHz.In the 8.3.0 release, software-based Dante is supported by the Q-SYS Core 110f processor. You can download the new software here

Streamlined PTZ Control

   With the fast-growing selection of robotic PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras available, you don’t need to be a high-end broadcast studio to bring this powerful and convenient technology into your video production and live streaming setups. 

PTZ cameras offer studio-grade picture quality and can be installed in discrete locations thanks to their small size and remote-control operation.


Farm Fun Fact


Andrew Stanley has spent at least 2 hours of each day for the last 4 weeks looking for his Flowbee.

YOUR Demo Room

  Without droning on about challenging times, etc, The Farm has come to the realization that a virtual demo isn’t just necessary NOW, but is actually a huge benefit for any circumstance. Think about it. Want to hear what a Shure MXA910 sounds like on the far end of a call or what happens when the lobes aren’t properly placed?

Want to see what QSC camera control looks like in a Zoom call?  Maybe you would like to watch a Barco ClickShare Conferencing button plug in mid-call and switch to the in-room AV system.  Any of these things takes about 2 minutes to see/hear. 

  Right now, The Farm has 3 operational virtual demo rooms, with a 4th coming this week.   We have gear up and running for you and your customer.   And we are constantly adding to the functional demo.  Plan on seeing Roland streaming switchers and custom Leon sound bars in the next few weeks.  Get a live demo of Audinate DDM as well.  We are making this anything and everything we can for you and your teams. 

  If we haven’t already, we will be reaching out to you about a live demo of Farm gear.  If there is something specific that you want to see, let us know.  If there is a way we can improve these demos, let us know that as well.

YOUR Event Calendar

  Want to pick and choose the webinars and presentations you participate in? We understand.  We are trying to minimize the number of emails we send telling you about the next one you “just need to attend!” That’s why we have created an event calendar at

  All of our factory partners webinars, streaming demos, and presentations are right there for you to pick from. We’ve even included the sign up & calendar links!


Farm Fun Fact


Fun Fact #478 – The Flowbee is sadly “currently unavailable” at Amazon and every other US retailer.

It’s The Best Daaaay Everrrr!

   How would you like to be part of a global celebration of the world’s most iconic Microphone? How would you like to score one of those iconic microphones for free by completing a simple task? If you answered "YES!" then do we have a surprise for you! You are officially invited to celebrate #SM58DAY with The Farm!

On Friday, May 8th (5/8…clever right?), we want YOU to post your most awesomest photo of you and your trusty SM58 on our social network platforms. Use the hashtag #SM58DAY… if you’re feeling generous add the hashtag #TheFarmAV. We will pick a random winner and they will receive a brand spankin’ new SM58, complete with that new microphone smell. Follow the links on 5/8 to our socially networkable sites for some good ‘ol fashioned Farm Fun!

In the John…

We know you know

Today, I finished Youtube. I am a home automation buff. "Alexa, flush the toilet". It takes more effort to say it…

Who would make the best quarantine roommate?

LAST MONTHS FOWL POLL RESULT: In a first for the Fowl Poll, we have a tie! We asked – The best way to finish the lyric, "Stop!…" and you said it was "Hey! What’s that sound" AND "Hammer Time". Thanks for voting and some lucky voter will soon be receiving a Farm FeedBag-o-swag. All they had to do to win was vote. You can too!