The Farm Newsletter | FarmFresh | May, 2022

 InfoComm is training ground for our All Stars  QSC delivers in the clutch…Again! – Minor leaguer shows promise for FarmAssist  Fun with The Farm – A Fowl Poll – In the John

Infocomm Is a Thing Again!  The Week of June 6-10!

Yeah, there’s going to be an Infocomm in Las Vegas.  It’s crazy and awesome at the same time.  There will be booths (stands if you’re European) and people, and probably breath mints.  But mostly, new technology.  And new ways to use that technology.

  Are you going?  If so, we want to see you.  The show floor is open from Wednesday, 6/8, through Friday, 6/10.  If you are planning to be there, reach out to your Farm rep ASAP and schedule some time to talk about that new technology, how it can help your customers, and how it can help your bottom line.   Start your Infocomm Bingo sheet with The Farm!  (PILING IN TO THE COCK MOBILE)


Farm Fun Fact #548

FarmAssist programming legend Rebecca Hicks has a Subaru with so many politically charged bumper stickers on it she actually gives power back to the grid.

Love in the Time of No Product

  Okay, this is between me and you.  Don’t tell anyone.  But I figured out a way to get a distributed AV system THIS SUMMER.

  It starts with the QSC Core Nano.  Repeat, the QSC Core Nano.  They are in stock, and along with the new QSC QIO analog audio expanders and the new QSC Scaling Licenses, we can build a number of different systems.  Add in the Visionary Solutions 4100/4200 series encoders and decoders, Leon ceiling speakers, Philips flat panel displays, and B-Tech display mounts, and the idea that there isn’t product to install is gone.

  But here is the best part.  You didn’t have to sacrifice function and reliability JUST to complete the job.  You are a star.  Heck, I’m gonna give you a raise.  Tomorrow.

New FarmAssist Is Filling Prescriptions

  Jesse Richmond is new.  But not new.  You know?  The latest amazing addition to the FarmAssist team, Jesse has been in California for the last 14 years, following time in Florida and Virginia.  After finishing a ripping guitar solo in the living room by blinding his grandmother with his thrown pick, he decided Full Sail University and audio engineering was the way to go!

  He comes to The Farm after managing the AV infrastructure of an NFL stadium for 6 years…and did we mention that it used a LOT of Q-SYS?   A real looker on the inside and out, Jesse is jumping into our services group with both feet and already programming for you!

  Jesse resides in the Bay Area with his husband, dogs and cat.   Welcome to FA, Jesse!


Farm Fun Fact #20

If Aaron Hood was a dog, he’d probably be feral and not house-broken, but you can’t put him down because his dad owns the company.

Look Mom!  I’m a Motivational Speaker…

Is Super Bowl MONDAY the worst day of the year for farts in cars?

Last month, an unbelievable 33.3% have indeed seen a Caboodle with out a Kit… we are currently recounting.