FarmFresh • The Farm Newsletter • December, 2023
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  •  Nobody rounds the bases like DRAPER  •  FARMASSISTS agree to a new collective bargaining agreement  •  Pregame swag on another level. ANDREW STANLEY has the fit everyone is jealous of  •  Fun with The Farm  •  A Fowl Poll  •  In The John  • 

Draper and Motors – A Love Story
When was the last time someone said, “Man, Draper is a great motor company.” Spoiler alert: Never? That’s because you think of their projection screens, dvLED wall mounting structures, shades, etc. But think about it. How does the projection screen drop? How does the basketball backboard come down in the gym? How does the shade drop with the push of a button? And how does the projector MAGICALLY come down from the ceiling? MOTORS!

We get so caught up in the material and finish of the Draper product line, that we forget that they have a motor running reliably, quietly, and constantly in thousands of indoor spaces. Right now!     
For more information about projection lifts and the options Draper has, please visit their lift comparison page HERE

On another note of equal or lesser importance, have you ever wondered why Sister Christian was “motorin”? Me too! Well, it turns out that it was a reference to Night Ranger lead singer Kelly Keagy’s younger sister, Christy. Apparently, in her teenage years she and her friends would drive around, or motor around, the streets of Eugene, OR. Hence, motoring. You’re welcome.

So many FarmAssists, so little time. Wait, that’s perfect for Small Doses with Aaron Hood!

Fun Fact #739

Brad Hills is creating a series of talking Advent Calendars that provide uplifting daily messages such as, “tomorrow will be worse” and “she’s not going to call.”


Wait, More FarmAssists?

Yes! We continue to add awesomeness! Please welcome our newest, bravest, and most hygienic programming folks, Romeo Garcia and Dustin Gay!


Both Gay and Garcia have a background in audio engineering, and while Gay has a bachelor’s in computer science, Garcia is currently finishing his at Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) in Tacoma, Wash. Gay entered The Farm through an online job application, while Garcia fast-tracked through his contacts at PLU – where he initially became with familiar with Q-SYS on campus. 

Gay is set on the track to become a Q-SYS programmer and field engineer in the PNW, while Garcia is specializing in the development of Q-SYS plugins. Each is going through a similar training pathway within The Farm. 

The Farm takes a three-prong approach to training fresh FarmAssist programmers: mentorship, specialized training and onsite deployment and commissioning. 
Gay and Garcia were paired up with mentors – in Gay’s case a local Seattle-based Regional Services Engineer named Sean Murphy, and for Garcia, remote-based plugin, UCI and application developer, Aaron Hood. Each mentor offers guidance, fields questions and offers feedback and support. 

Their fieldwork has already begun and they are ready for more. That’s good because there is plenty to do. Welcome to the team, Romeo and Dustin! READ MORE HERE!


Andrew Stanley – Hipster and Keeper of Trends

Andrew Stanley, VP of Technical Services sits down with Dawn Allcot of Commercial Integrator Magazine, the premier professional AV magazine in the U.S., for a special article titled: 9 Emerging Trends Redefining In-Room Control Systems.

Fun Fact #351

Next time you wonder if your local mall Santa is Skip Godwin, it’s not.

Worst version of White Christmas?

Last month, 84% of our readers have their toilet paper unroll the RIGHT way...OVER the top. For the 6 of you that have your TP unroll from the bottom... your information has been gathered and you will be detained with the folks who put on sock-shoe, sock-shoe.
Happy Holidays and thanks for voting!