The Farm Newsletter | FarmFresh | Jan. 2021

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Newsletter as a Service

 This month isn’t about hardware. No black boxes today. Nope, this month is about software. Software that makes you more efficient and that helps your team provide pre/post-sale service and support.

 Below you will find links to some of the latest software/firmware releases for your favorite products from your favorite factories.

 Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy this NLaaS.

 Designer 4.3 is available now! This system configuration software platform is used to create Dante routes with Microflex Advance products, P300’s and the latest Shure networked solutions. Create templates, design projects on or offline, and share them with colleagues.

 New MicroFlex Wireless Software replaces Adobe Flash-enabled Web UI. It uses built-in device discovery, configures MXW systems. If you are configuring MXW systems, please download this today!

ClickShare v2.7 is ready for your upgrade. Get more out of your meetings with the new “mute in sync” function and additional USB peripherals added! For Teams, Zoom, etc.!


Farm Fun Fact #900

We made a “Year in Review” video. It’s John Hood punching himself in the groin 365 times.

Designer Software 9.0 coming soon! Take a look at these additions!


 Listen EVERYWHERE private channels allow a venue administrator, professor, or IT personnel to selectany or all channels as private on their network, and set up the password(s) directly from their smartphone using an admin section in the mobile app. 


 The password(s) is then communicated in any manner that meets a venue’s security protocol/needs (email, text, website, verbal, signage in the room, etc.).  When the listener wants to stream a channel that is designated as private, they are prompted for a password to hear the audio on their iOS and Android smartphones.

The new features include:

  • Confidential, password protected audio channels
  • Venue flexibility, channels can be set up as public or private, or any combination
  • Easy password management for venue managers/administrators
  • No cost feature upgrade for new and existing customers

 Private Channels provide a convenient way to implement and maintain security using Listen EVERYWHERE.

 Ease Focus is pretty cool. But it requires updates from each manufacturer and/or manually entering the speaker information. Have you used Danley Direct software? They built it and can model any room/space with any of their speakers!


Farm Fun Fact #340

I hope 2021 is better than Teen Wolf Too.

My son Aaron has finished all of his classes at…

Did you know that Aerosmith has made more money from Guitar Hero than any of their albums?

Last month’s Fowl Powl results: In a slim victory, 54.5% of our voters cut their Thanksgiving leftovers sam’mich diagonally. We applaud your style!